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  1. not trying to ruffle any feathers but I cant get this thing to work. Copied the folder into the DCS folder as per the instructions and edited the file before doing the copy. Nothing happens at all when I turn on the night vision. Cant figure it out. looked through the whole thread but still dont see any simple instructions. If anybody can help me out I would greatly appreciate it
  2. Sorry took a while to test it as I wasn’t feeling that well the last few days. But you were right, that was it. All good now! Time for some training.
  3. all off ground power switches are on auto. external power should be off as well correct?
  4. now its even weirder. When I click on some of the other tutorials that start with everything on already, I click on "fly" to get it started and then they just instantly turn off on their own! ive tried everything and it keeps happening. This is so frustrating
  5. Finally got everything working 100%. Thanks so much to everyone especially Mustang Sally for their generous time and assistance. Finally did my first takeoff, flight, and landing without issue. Now I just have to learn all the other bells and whistles and start shooting. One less quick question… Does anyone have it happen to them that when starting the jet, the multifunction displays, HUD, and lower display don’t fire up at all?
  6. Got it. It’s kind of late here so I’ll check again tomorrow and see. Really appreciate all your help. Hope it’s not a bother that I request your profile for the joystick and throttles as well? I already mapped the basic stuff on them but all of the buttons and switches would save me some time if I had your profile.
  7. OK so I adjusted it as per your screenshots and went in and calibrated it again in simapp pro. I’m assuming now when you start cold and dark they should already be in the off position and I don’t have to move them forward and back before having to place them at idle during crank up, correct?
  8. So that the switch issue is solved. However the idle issue is still occurring even though I ran the throttle forward and back in the cold dark cabin
  9. Awesome! Thanks so much for the help. And if you could include the profile for the joystick as well that would be icing on the cake. No rush. Thanks!
  10. Apologies for being too new to understand what you guys are referring to. In the meantime, I spent the day setting up the throttle switches and have most of them assigned and working. A couple of small issues I still need help on hopefully somebody can chime in… 1. The throttle axis is assigned and working however when I am firing up the engines and need to move them from off to idle, moving the throttles physically forward does nothing. I had to assign one button for each of the left and right throttle to move it to the idle position in DCS. It’s weird that it only happens during engine
  11. https://help.tobii.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007280237-No-tracking-in-DCS-World- found this but not sure what the answer means
  12. does that mean it'll auto config the switches?
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