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  1. well, just to add my two cents (and not have to think all the time about the degraded VR performance in the todays patch for me..) Same here with the Index and the G2, have both of them but after 2-3 weeks exclusively on the G2 I went back to the Index. The dealbreaker was mainly the FOV... ppl. can argue about it but to me it feels like wearing a diving mask. Haven't tried yet any FOV mods for the G2 but you can put the Index gasket on the G2 (it will not hold in place, but fits the area.. so you have to hold it with your fingers when putting the headset up/down... gives a
  2. I started to get this issue too recently (around 3 days ago) Mid game, while in the cockpit, some assignments stopped working. Happened twice on the F/A-18 and once on the F-16. It doesn't affect all controls, axis assignments stay, as well as some other. Notice it mainly when the NWS stops working. On the F16 I can't remember what didn't work, it happened mid air and had to be 'solved' quickly. To solve this, select the affected controller input column and select 'load profile', then simply select again the configuration file for the controller (the one from the config/i
  3. If it helps.. I had constant and persistent micro stutters, like every ~3 seconds, even without VR. What helped me there was selecting the High/Ultimate performance profile in the windows Power Options.
  4. I used it for a while to see what can be done to increase the performance in VR... Managed to get 3ms lower frametimes on the CPU by selectively testing all core combinations (2 cores to be precisely) across CCDs and CCXs, however it did cause some stuttering in other scenarios..namely multiplayer. Right now I feel I get more consistent performance without it, it's just that the whole engine is not up to date and for me it doesn't even reach the base clockspeeds while suffocating with 30ms+ cpu frametimes. It feels more like process lasso is interfering with the windows thread management
  5. I can compare the 40/80, 45/90 and 60/120 rates on the index and it feels noticeably smoother if you can maintain 60fps (compared over 40 or 45fps) regarding the reprojection or motion smoothing on the index (aka ASW).. I find it personally terrible... from bend lines to really jittery full screen hiccups (caused by motion smoothing). I leave the smoothing off and live with the hiccups I get when the framerate runs from half-rate all the way to the actual refreshrate (i.e. between 45 and 90), which is less harsh than what motion smoothing does. Unfortunately I can barely maintain 60fps in
  6. What was the solution to the low cpu usage actually? I have kinda the same.. the CPU doesn't even reach it's base clock speed, not even mentioning the single/all core boost speeds. (AMD) Did fiddle a lot with PL, thread affinity and the Asus own OC tool.. but it kind of barely affects DCS, maybe in the 0.5-1ms range on an empty map. No observation of an even spread of the loads on all cores as with the OP, no drop in performance if I record with OBS at the same time. I think the highest clock speed I have seen was around 3.2ghz (3.7 is base speed, and 4.5 is boost speed) but online the
  7. Hello, I tried this fix and for the 30min I tested it I could not reproduce the bug anymore, in other words it seems to be working, thank you. A small downside is that you barely notice when the AB kicks in.. but that is still better then the noise from before. cheers
  8. Hello, sound logfile attached. The accompanying track can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BLV-3w3kEUmbTGtrX5cg_g6R82lM1U48/view?usp=sharing sound.zip
  9. Hello, just deleted the log folder to get a clean dcs.log, which is attached. including trackfile. Trackfile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ynll76OG5E_2-SKqdD2hoIgwxZAMTwM8/view?usp=sharing same behavior, after respawn already heard it, so I rushed to just takeoff to make sure. will try to reproduce this offline in a dummy mission. dcs.log
  10. Hello, I ran quiet a few times into this soundbug, but this time I explicitly was hunting for it to be able to provide a demo and a recording. As others pointed out, the issue happens if you respawn (in a multiplayer server) while the afterburner was on, before hitting the ground. This behavior is actually consistently to reproduce... most issues in recording this was due to OBS deciding not to record the default sound source... As you can see in the video, while listening to this terrible sound.. .I was playing with some of the sound options. With "Loud Cockpit Afterburner Sound"
  11. yup, it was stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = true, using false fixes the problem but also noticeably more fps drops.
  12. hmm could be I turned that on while trying to get DCS to run at least on base clock speeds (which it still doesn't) Will try it again without the vr culling, thanks for the help. cheers
  13. Hello, is this an issue or is there a setting I couldn't find about the Ka50 Cockpit in VR that only one eye sees lit up instruments and the other doesn't? (left eye doesn't, right eye does, see screencapture) It is kind of.. awkward this way. This is using SteamVR and Steam DCS, current build for OB. cheers
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