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  1. I am still learning Viper. I can observe something similiar in TWS mode. After one target is bugged, I can do nothing with TMS up or down, in case I wanted to level up the other ones, or just de-bug the prioity target to system. Just no reaction. I am not sure how it was working before.
  2. Had exactly the same. As I watched Tacview replay, MiG appeared 60nm away, made some circles and headed towards its base, so it was impossible to lock it. After next try everything was good. I hope that fix will work in the future
  3. There should be any problem for you. I have played it before SH1 and SH2. Only thing which can kick your ass is dogfight, especially 2 missions. It took many tries and twisted nerves to pass them. However, AA is the essencial of DCS and F-18, and forced me to learn more about it. \ You will like it!
  4. Bad luck, I haven't saved that track. As I remmeber, it is possible that I left the planned path 1nm -2nnm away towards them. The next radio call that "they are turing cold appeared, when they were about 10-15nm from me. Whole the time I was using TWS and no hard-locking them. After that I returned to the planned route and observed how they are passing me. After all I could regognize from RWR that they are taking a round and start to chase me, then locking and then taking me down with a gun. After next try of the mission I wasn't waiting
  5. Hi, I am not sure if we are talking about the same mission. I mean MSN11 where you are escorting C-17. Event with 2 MiG-21's is few minutes before. There was no sikners here. If you still would have some details, just let me know
  6. I am still enjoying the campaing and competed 11 missions till now. Mission 11 is also very interesting, but there was some point I did not like: I received the message from HQ about 2 bogeys - nice. Next message - they are turning cold, and it happens in fact. After a while they are turning back, locking you and finally attacking you -> total silence from HQ. It can be confusing a little bit. It would be better if there was no message at all, or in other option, another message like "they are coming back.." or sth. It could be a message from Wingman as well. Thanks! PP
  7. My pleasure You have 2 steps: 1. HSI->DATA: "Precise" switch 2. HSI-> DATA-> A/C: "LatLN DCML" switch You will see the results in format change on any digital waypoint data. Then you may enter coordinates.
  8. In my feeling, you have wrong coordinates format in your HSI->DATA system. Your TGP shows in decimal minutes (DD-MM.DMDM). The ones you receive are usually with decimal seconds (DD-MM-SS.DS). Typical user's mistake for this module. In my case the coordinates were OK, however they were not pointed exactly on the mentioned house, but few meters beside. Anyhow, one GBU has worked and did its job.
  9. Have you called the carrier ATC via COM radio? Have you used TACAN to localize the carrier?
  10. I have bought this campaign without hesitation. After passing Serpent's Head 1 and 2 few months ago and few other campaigns afterwards, I may confess that SH 1 and 2 gave me the most pleaseure and now I can expect the best quality due to immersion and triggers working. Of course, there are more detailed campaigns, forcing you to learn more but on the other hand they often give you a high level of frustration because of bugs. I am after mission 1 (no problems) at the moment and I will try to give some feedback in case of any doubt with further missions.
  11. Thank you Captain! I will check it again Still learning F-14, but really like it.
  12. I had the similiar problem in s'player mission for F-14B ("defend the fleet" as I can remember). The proper setting was present in Jester menu, he executed it but TACAN was not working then. I checked the mission then in ME and recognized that TACAN for Stennis had been set to 1X not to 74X as briefing was telling (and also Jester menu). After changing it in ME, everything works. I am afraid, that greater number of single missions is bugged like that.
  13. I have just finished the campaign and would like to thank You Baltic Dragon for few weeks of good and exciting fun. I have also learned a lot more about A-10 than in the past. Campaign is very immersive, especially with new weather settings. Of course the last one has its bad sides. I had to give up with mission 20 after about 10 attempts. Generally, the visiblity was acceptable in the mountains and flying was more challenging, but nearby the target I could see nearly nothing apart the blast from AAA defending the target. It caused CCIP bombing nearly impossible. When trying with CCRP with low altitude, I couldn't find a clue with setting up the parameters (elevation of WP updated as in the kneebord). Everytime the computer refused releasing Mk-82s about 2 seconds before the proper point. I could not find out what was wrong, Studying the configuration of mk-82Airs many times. There were some trigger problems in few missions which need polishing. For example: I had no success with saving Schaeffer (German pilot). After utilizing 2 APCs chasing him, and the stationary "trap" group nothing was happening through about 15min. I stopped tracing Schaeffer and starting to wasting the ammo on single infantry units. Then suddenly everything "wakes" up, Schaeffer screams about a tank, it takes some minutes until I find him again and... it is too late. Problems with wingman were mentioned many times. Sometimes he is very helpful with his ammo, sometimes not. Sometimes I was just changing the load before the mission, knowing that he won't beusueful in that specified mission and will perform the suicide on the first spotted tree. However I agree, it is the problem of whole DCS engine. Generally, orders for wingman are not clear and not specified deeply in any DCS manual. I never know if wingman will attack the target basing on my SPI or any other target whcih is primary in his mind Generally, big thank you!! Very good job I cannot imagine how much work does it need to design the campaign like this. I had finished your Raven 1 before but I liked TEW3 more. Maybe because it is more "natural" and does not force your action to look exactly like in the book.
  14. Ahahah, this is the one, which forced me to refresh start-up procedure. I was using easy-one through campaings because of laziness. However it is not really complicated in A-10 and worth learning. As advise: focus especially on fast-alligment option. It saves 2 minutes which are key time in this mission.
  15. Nice work! I only checked mission 02 whcich twisted my nerves the most before. Now it is much more playable. Maybe because better working radar, maybe you changed something with enemy skills, I haven't check. Ii is still not so easy (I was repeating it 5-6 times). What is more sad about AI, a huge factor of success depends on them, especially our wingman. Sometimes he has an actions like "idiot" as he had before update and finishes with 2 missiles between his eyes, but sometimes performs most of work and we haven't got much to do. Let's hope it will change in some part of time. Clouds are of course amazing!
  16. Yes, Waypoint called Rock is already programmed, but you have to assign it in the system as Bullseye. That's all
  17. No no no, you will create many new waypoints soon, but not now. "Rock" is always one of the existing WPs. All you need to do is to check which one in the proper kneeboard and then tell the same to your F-18, using HSI - > Data subpage.
  18. Generally, in Raven 1: "Rock" is Bullseye. It is mentioned somewhere in the oveerall R1 manual if you are not sure. There is also a glossary there with some "strange" callouts, but not all of them. People who have read the story, have much easier task with the campaign (it is recommended). I havenn't yet but I was able to pass R1. Setting the Bullseye is necessary in (let's say) half of the missions. After you set, you have the readouts on your radar in the upper-left corner. They show the radial and distance of your radar CURSOR based on bullseye. Works nearly the same way on the SA page. It needs a little bit imagination and math-orientation. It is easier if you set SA range level wide enough to make a Bullseye visible there. The same sitation on the radar screen but remember where you exactly are in relation to bullseye. Info about ROCK is on every kneeboard attached to each mission. You've got an info about all the waypoints there. Printing of the kneeboard in R1 is HIGHLY recommended before the mission
  19. Try RAlt + \ for PRI channel and RCtrl + \ for AUX. Remember, especially in Raven One that different channels are pre-set to PRI in comparison to AUX, so it's better not to swap them.
  20. From my first experiences after upload to 2.7, I can see much better behaviour of ACM modes. According to TWS: yes, there is a problem with track dropping. PRF seem to be working properly, as internded but I am still forced to play with ageing which is set to 4 originally. Changing to "16" helps for me in TWS. Is there any way to set the initial value of aging in LUA files? Anybody knows? Apart of that, I had some problems with coming back from STT to TWS.
  21. Looking at the video it seems like you said. From my feeling, depressing was necessary but I can be wrong, cause I have replaced F-18 to F-16 about 3 weeks ago Interesting anyway, I have to check.
  22. Are you sure he was not TDC depressing then? I will check tomorrow I think, after my 2.7 will download.
  23. As far as I can remember - it never did. You have to depress when you want to change it. After switchng to AUTO, you don't have to touch anything.
  24. Ohh, there are millions of that along Insta and whole the internet, so I think you can find them very easly
  25. According to the 'clouds', I didn't use to excite with something that I haven't touched (excepting the photos of beutiful aircraft, women and motorbikes). After I run it on my PC and check if it is working nearly well as on ED-youtube, I will be able to admire anything. As some wise guys said above, I am also (or mainly) waitiing for many fixes and I hope that another updates will focus on polishing actual and old problems, not polishing new clouds for another half of year, leaving whole the rest behind. Apart of those words, I love you - ED and the work you are doing I am joining you all in waiting, wish you patience and fast transfers for next 24h
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