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  1. I cannot disagree with your tutorial, most of the point are really helpful. I cannot agree with the last sentence. How can you explain that most of us used the same radar 2 months ago and had no problem with the mentioned points (like PRF for example) and now - they have? Why does it happen, that some peaople who spent a lot of hours on DCS F-18, now take a break and go flying to different modules they have, saying that A/A became really hard and annoying? According to last OB patches, I cannot find any announcments from ED about any intended changes to the radar
  2. Thank you very much @Sedlo! In fact, they really are Mk-84, I don't know how I could see a different digits This time I've thrown all the load 2x2 with 50ft interval and had a comment that "........destroyed" but I haven't got a personal score for that (I think it's because of some bugs in actual stable version). After that I ran away like a wild into the open see, defeated one Mig with a gun and directed to WP7. The mission and total campaign is finished. Really nice and immersive, I hope to see more of your products!
  3. Hello Everyone, I really enjoy this campaign. I had no problems with missions 1 and 2. Huge problem with 29's in mission 3, but finally defeated them after 20 times Now I am working on mission 4 and have some troubles: 1. I have a feeling, there's somethong wrong with Mk-83's and a bunker (primary target). I am dropping one pair, they visually hit the target and explode, but I have no confirmation about success hit. It comes 1-3 mins later, probably as the effect of my Wingman proper attack. 2. Mission timing: a have a feeling, that I come there too early. I
  4. The text is just for fun ;] But to describe more clearly my feelings, "correctly working" would be the most accurate at the moment. I returned to "Stable" yesterday, and I am just keeping having fun of flying and dog-fighting again Of course I agree with everything you wrote.
  5. That's the clue... I do not want to write more.. I really appreciate the work that ED is doing, but... I will only leave a picture:
  6. Ooops.. You got me.. It might be it, thanks in advance! I have to check. It simplifies my problem to the point, that my radar in some specific cases doesn't see anything, when it should.
  7. I have 3 campaigns started at the moment. No several problems with A/G, but the party is over when it comes to AA contact. It could be fun, but if you have over an hour of mission flown with few targets and refueling and die because of single MiG 23, it's very disgusting. I love AA fights, that's why I bought F-18 and spent a lot of hours on training. It seems strange, that on the beginning I had more success than now. If we have to wait one more month, I am wondering between coming back to Stable version or to my Warthog ^^
  8. Thanks, that's what I know. However, if the situation happens in ACM and you nearly see the enenmy in front of you, and there is nothing on the radar, then you think "something's wrong". Another situation: ACM mode, full enemy HAFU in the middle line of the radar and cannot get a lock in any mode. I could think that's problem with me, however radar WAS working without problems like above not far time before.
  9. No problem, I am very sorry that I forgot to save a trackfile for ED crew. I don't say it happens always and permanently and I am not advanced in dogfight, however I know quite enough how radar basics work here in F-18 and I know how they worked a month before in OpenBeta. The situation happened to me twice in Seprent's Head 2 Campaign. The common factor of these two cases was, that enemy fighters were trigger-borned about 15-20nm from me. I do not know if it has a meaning for actual game-radar-behaviour, but maybe it would help in any investigation.
  10. Oh yes, and please repair our A/A radars. I'm enough with being shot by the enemy which is 5-10 miles in front of me, same level.. and my radar can't see it.
  11. You can adjust the pressure with simple knob at the analog baro-altitude gauge on the lower - right console. In fact, it is not set on this mission startup.
  12. I have just finished this one yesterday (after 4 times). Yes, the calculated target distance is definetly bugged. What was finally working in my case?: Angels 35, range 30-35nm, speed - do not remember, but it's always poor at this deck. Important: HT set to 800 as you sugessted in some post before. it's better to check HT on all stations just before attack. It sometimes returns to default setting if you change system to A/A in the meantime.
  13. There is a general problem with ACM mode since last patch (if you are using Open Beta). There are many user's report, WACQ and VACQ scans might be inverted. In my opinion, the "Boresight" mode is the only one, which is working now properly. Let's wait for a while... I hope not too long while. For now, I heve refreshed my relationship with Warthog, which seems to be quite complete and working.
  14. No, it is wrong. Antenna is space-stabilized and in TWR/RWS should keep constant elevation. Different situation is in ACM when radar is stabilized with the aircraft. Anyhow, since the last update, AA radar is really hard to use. It is hard to say if it is connected with ECM Jammer implementation, which is generally not useful. Instead we have broken radar, which was working not so bad month ago. EDIT: My *.trk is too big (13MB) so I am giving a link here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lM85HAypAodZ_qofuzMfsMpXthwV6WKs?usp=sharing In the la
  15. I am not sure if you mean attacking with additional HARMs or something simmiliar. Yes, It could be right and probably succesful, we always can perform some rearming before each mission. However, I always try to describe and rate the mission as it is, as someone designed it. Especially, if it is an original mission from DCS. What's more - the training (or qualification mission) mission which should be IMO not much complicated and just learning, how to use JSOWs, nothing really more. Generally, most of the original missions need some maintenence and refreshing, according to new patc
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