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  1. That’s good stuff- many thanks. I’ve been doing the Maple flag F5e BFM mission (edited with the F-14B replacing the f5e) where you take on 3 consecutive F5s, each with a 5min vul period. I can handle it no problem in the f18c but it’s tricky with the F-14B. I don’t know if it’s just a better simulated flight model, but this module has taught me more about energy management in a short period of time than 35 years of other sims :)
  2. So your main focus was turn radius? Did you prefer the vertical one circle fight or a horizontal turn with maybe a displacement roll or something?
  3. And the very first thing I did in the op was thank you for your input. :cry:
  4. Are you two serious? I started a thread to discuss F-14B BFM tactics in a f14 sim forum. How is that asking to be spoon fed? What sticky are you referring to? This thread was meant to be a spitball discussion. If you’re not interested in giving constructive input then why bother responding at all? Have a nice day
  5. Yes, I think this will be a common experience for most in the F-14. It is important to use maneuver flaps when you get that higher alpha, and just baby corrections on the stick and rudder to roll. As soon as you start trying to throw the nose around however you want you’ll find yourself in a lot of trouble. Best to have enough energy and a light stick when maneuvering to keep the aircraft from buffeting.
  6. I agree for the most part with what you’re saying, many great points. But again, I stated very clearly that I’m talking strictly bare bones guns BFM. I was hoping to ignite a fruitful discussion on the F14’s flight characteristics, advantages and disadvantages in a pure dogfight. I believe this is where you get the true representation of an aircraft’s flight characteristics that you can then build on with radar and weapon platforms. Those of course are an entirely different discussion. I also realize that no one is going to flush that all out in a single post. My hope was that maybe through
  7. Nicely done, there’s some great resource material there. Thanks!
  8. Thanks, yes I have that book and you’re right-it is a great resource. For this thread I was hoping to keep it strictly F14 specific. I understand that a basic and fundamental understanding of aerial tactics applies to any aircraft, but I was hoping we could get to the specific strengths/weaknesses of this bird.
  9. I’ve seen a lot of good F-14 reference material here on the site, both written and video. A huge thank you to Victory and others for taking the time to help the community out. There are many different reasons we fly this module, for me it’s my love of air to air combat. I haven’t been able to find much for F-14 BFM or ACM tactics on this site or the internet in general. A simple google search gives a wonderful old video from the 70s but really all you get from that is to go vertical. I thought it would be great if we could start a thread to discuss tactics for aerial combat in the F-14.
  10. Well I think I disagree with 100% of your post haha. That’s fair, we can all have our opinions. I think the F18 and F-14B pits are very much optimized for VR. Again, if you flew the other game you’d know what I mean as far as rendering. The cockpit and terrain textures in DCS are nicer imo but the visibility and clarity in the other game is better. Spotting in the other game is no problem as you can always see a dot. When you add in the x10zoom mod for VR, that game is really good as far as identifying as well. It’s pretty much impossible to do either in DCS in VR.
  11. I fly VR with an Oculus so my opinion is based on that. The challenge is the game engine. DCS cockpits are difficult to read gauges and dials and spotting/identifying aircraft is pretty much impossible. Yes the resolution issue with VR plays a role in that but I play another flight sim in VR that has a perfectly readable cockpit and spotting is no problem up to 10km. DCS is such an amazing product in so many ways but the way the game is rendered is a major handicap imo.
  12. I too would love to hear someone with bfm experience chime in. I’ve seen the above video many times and all I can get from it is to keep going vertical. The problem I have is when I go wertical I essentially leave myself with an aircraft that is barely controllable with stick. It’s very difficult to come over the top and only be able to adjust with rudder and baby pitch inputs. This is the toughest aircraft I’ve flown in a sim as far as bfm. But I’m sure enjoying trying to figure it out :)
  13. At 24000ft and 350knts, level flight and trimmed level, I get about a 50ft drop on alt hold engagement. It will then climb back to set altitude.
  14. Is it normal for a slight dip in altitude (slight pitch down) when setting alt hold? It seems to want to dip then climb back to where you originally set it. I can’t seem to set alt hold while maintaining a steady alt.
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