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  1. Hi, I am suspecting Tacview to be maxing my CPU (i7-7700K) on my DCS Server. Is there an easy way to temporarily disable Tacview for troubleshooting, wihtout uninstalling it? Thank you!
  2. Definitely, not normal. You will notice a stronger/faster left yaw than right yaw, and that's because of torque, but it shouldn't be a violent turn. Set some curves in the yaw axis. From the ground, Increase the collective slowly and apply right pedal (not called rudder, that's just for airplanes) and right cyclic as you lift off the ground.
  3. Come on down to the Air Assault Operations server!
  4. Hello, yeah multicrew is awesome! 1) depends on how the aircraft was set up in the mission editor. It could be set as "solo flight", so when a player jumps in the aircraft, it is allowed to switch crew stations. If not, then the pilot (right seat) will have to stay there. 2) flight control transfer is done with the "C" key, or whatever you have bound to "Request Aircraft Control" in your control options. The request/relinquish also varies a bit depending on how the "aircraft control priority" was set up in mission editor.
  5. Joining and completing Air Assault mission tasks.
  6. Thank you for adding the video and the trk file. Multiship helicopter flight is both rewarding and challenging, and it provides a great tactical advantage. I think probably this is not high on the list of things to fix but hopefully it can be tracked or acknowledged. We'll wait patiently. Thank you ED!
  7. I guess we can count on AI Chalks being broken for the foreseeable future. I don't see any progress or response about this anywhere.
  8. This is great! thank you. they all look mesmerizing. I have always been a fan of German engineering. all the Messerschmidt awesome. I noticed the engine noise in the Thunderbolt was a little bit lower. Does the engine/prop noise add to your fatigue while flying at all? I usually lower the noise a lot in game but in IRL I have to use double ear protection and I can still hear the the engines and rotors and I'm slowly loosing my hearing haha. I noticed that you can see the the pilot's hands on the controls in the Mustang (one of my favorites btw) and in the Spitfire, I thought that was really co
  9. You could learn more about Air Assaults from our server. 24/7 Air Assault Operations. We have some documentation based on US Army doctrine. The aircraft is not as important as the techniques and tactics. Even the big ass Chinooks do air assaults in real life.
  10. Ok ok at least I know I'm not crazy haha. Thank you Flappie! It seems the AI shoot their approach and right when it's time to actually land, they get reprogrammed to go back to the first spot! First noticed it after OB 57264 update. This definitely breaks immersion for us, when we do Air Assaults and have 2 AI Chalks behind lead that don't drop off their pax. So we end up with a third of the assault force on every lift. I really hope this gets investigated :helpsmilie:. Thanks for uploading the video evidence!
  11. This happened after updating to the latest open beta at the time (57264). I had made no changes to the mission file and I'm not using any external scripts for this portion. On a flight of 3. Lead is client and the rest AI. -Take off from an airfield, the AI Chalks follow. -Fly for 3 minutes, Lead lands at a PZ to pick up troops. Both AI (1-2 and 1-3) land as well, no issue so far. -Take off from PZ and AI follow no prob. -Fly for another 5 min, Lead lands at LZ to drop off troops. AI Chalks turn around and fly direct to the PZ and land there. This is the problem. The AI Chalks are
  12. oh man yeah I really want to get one of the WW2 aircraft. perhaps in the near future, so we can do bomb raids and such. yeah about the new aircraft, I really hope they come out great, kinda sad they are making the Apache without the Black Hawk, these two are such a classic pair, would bring DCS rotary wing operations forward 20+ years. But still, plenty to look forward to!
  13. They always default to Weapons Hold. but that was not the issue, they were really having trouble engaging. seems to have been corrected since the last 2 OB updates. Case Closed!
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