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  1. Pressing the TOO button should command A/G master mode and call up the last weapon selected. Ref: TACMAN Vol.1 TOO Designation AV8B - TOO.trk
  2. Based on this post: Pressing NWS with TPOD DES/TPOD DES should step to HUD DES/SLV DES to NO DES/SLV VV to SNWPLW. Currently it gets stuck at HUD DES/SLV DES and won't undesignate the system target. Workaround is to manually unbox DESG on the EHSD, but either this functionality is wrong or the description/picture in the post above is wrong. AV8B - NWS.trk
  3. Apologies for the long post. Hopefully succinct and with evidence and tracks. Case 1) Direct routing to a selected point: With a WO/S present, waypoint steering selected and nothing designated, TOT should be to the offset via the waypoint (you must manually select the WO/S steering once over the waypoint i.e., with the EHSD or WOF). Ref: TACMAN Vol.1 Direct Routing. At present, TOT only takes you to the waypoint. See attached track ("AV8B - TOT WOS.trk"). With WO/S present, waypoint steering selected and the waypoint designated, TOT is to the waypoint direct. Ref: TACMAN Vol.1 Direct Routing. This functions correctly, no track attached. With WO/S present, WO/S steering selected (designated or not), TOT is to the WO/S direct. Ref: TACMAN Vol.1 Direct Routing. This functions correctly, no track attached. Case 2) Sequential Routing Where WO/S exists for the TERM waypoint, the SEQ string is from waypoint 0 to the TERM WO/S. I.e., if waypoint 3 is TERM and WO/S3 exists then the string is: W0 -> W1 -> W2 -> W3 -> WO/S3 This is currently correct (you have to designate WO/S manually at the term waypoint but I assume this is correct behavior based on the NSEQ overlay below). However, TOT should be to the TERM WO/S rather than the (current) TERM waypoint. Ref: TACMAN Vol.1 Sequential Routing At present, TOT only goes to the TERM waypoint even if a TERM WO/S exists (no track for this, but I have a track for the NSEQ version below and it is essentially the same problem). Case 3) Non-Sequential Routing Where WO/S exists for the final IGRS waypoint, the NSEQ string is through all the intermediate waypoints to the final IGRS WO/S. I.e., if the IGRS string is "5, 4, 3", and the EGRS string is “2, 1" and WO/S3 exists then the string is: W5 -> W4-> W3 -> WO/S3 …. -> W2 -> W1 This is currently correct (as before you have to designate WO/S manually at the final IGRS waypoint). I even noticed from the NSEQ overlay that the string is correctly routed through the WO/S (i.e., the EGRS starts from the IGRS WO/S). However, TOT should be to the final IGRS WO/S (if it exists) rather than the (current) final IGRS waypoint. Ref: TACMAN Vol.1 Non-sequential Routing See track attached ("AV8B - NSEQ WOS TOT.trk"). Note: In my initial post on this on the post about the CS/T bug, I incorrectly stated that the SEQ and NSEQ strings should be through all intermediate WO/S as this is what is stated in the copy of the TACMAN I have access to (2002). However it would appear from more recent NATOPS (2008) that this was changed in H4.0 and beyond so current routing is correct, just not TOT: "With H4.0 only the offset to TERM in SEQ string or the final point of the IGRS string of a NSEQ route shall be included in a route” Ref: NATOPS (2008) 23.9.24 NSEQ Pushbutton AV8B - TOT WOS.trk AV8B - NSEQ WOS TOT.trk
  4. Thanks, will do. Doing some more reading it looks like there was actually a change from H4.0 (and I guess onwards, maybe SME clarification needed) where the SEQ and NSEQ routes only include offsets for the final IGRS waypoint or the TERM waypoint instead of all the intermediate waypoints too. I’ll do some more research and testing and create a separate post with the ref and tracks.
  5. @AlphaJuliet the first part of this (everything in the first post) is solved now (I tested it with a straight waypoint, with TERM, and with NSEQ) - working great, thanks! Second part related to WO/S (my most recent post) still remains. Would you like me to leave it here or create a separate bug report for that one (I have tracks from today’s OB) - then at least you can move this report to solved?
  6. Hey @AlphaJuliet, not solved yet. See attached track: AV8B - Backup Radio.trk
  7. So I just discovered that the SYM switch works on the left MPCD - it's absolutely brilliant, solves any remaining readability issues (at least in day mode). Only seems to work on the left MPCD though. Please could we get it working on the right too. AV8B - Right SYM.trk
  8. Ref: NATOPS Gain and Cont (and Sym) should be retained separately in each of 6 different modes: Day mode, all strokes (e.g., MENU/CAS) Day mode, monocrome video (e.g., FLIR, TPOD) Day mode, map (e.g, EHSD or EW with Map (not currently available)) Night mode, all strokes (e.g., MENU/CAS) Night mode, monocrome video (e.g., FLIR, TPOD) Night mode, map (e.g, EHSD or EW with Map (not currently available)) Currently there appears to be one setting for gain/cont that is carried over to all pages and between day and night modes. See attached track (also shows the bug I just reported about unable to switch from night to day on right MPCD). AV8B - MPCD gain-cont-night.trk
  9. Cool, that's awesome. Thanks for following up!
  10. Once put in to day mode using the switch in the top right of the MPCD, you can't put it back into night mode. Works fine on the left MPCD but not on the right. AV8B - MPCD night mode.trk
  11. So I don't know if you guys fixed this issue formally (maybe a DCS lighting change) but I haven't noticed it in the last couple of updates and can clearly see which stations have been selected - may not be an issue anymore.
  12. Hey @AlphaJuliet. So I just checked again. Basically it looks like you guys "fixed it" so that the mission editor switch changes the default time on the digital clock on the HUD between LOCAL and ZULU. This is obviously kind of pointless as this is a simple ODU button press (TMR -> TOT -> UTC/REAL) to switch between the two in the jet anyway. My understanding from what was originally posted was that this switch in the ME should change the analog clock on the right of the cockpit, which is currently always on ZULU time regardless of the switch settings (otherwise I don't really see the point in having it). If that's not the case, then no problem, just my misunderstanding. Track just for the case where the ME switch is LOCAL but the clock still shows ZULU. PS It's really great to see the work you're doing going through everything on the forum! I didn't mean to sound too negative above, but I kind of stopped reporting bugs because it looked like they weren't being read or acknowledged. So thanks for all your hard work and apologies that I just bulk reported a load more a few days ago when I realized you were reading them - luckily I guess we all want the same thing, the most realistic simulation possible I've been trying to put together a kneeboard style avionics guide (like the Hornet one floating around in the user files) so I've been pushing all the buttons that don't often get used and reading all the official docs (NATOPS, TACMAN etc) - I'm sure I'll find a few more bugs to send your way whilst I'm doing it (but they’re all super minor things)! AV8B - Clock.trk
  13. No I just gave up reporting it. Last I checked it was still not working. I’ll check again and get back to you.
  14. Now that we have the OLS and the HPI on the Tarawa it would be great to have the Horizontal Approach Path Indicator (HAPI) lights too, especially as we have no ILS/AWLS. 2 pitch and roll stabilized lights on the port catwalk. Red over white for proper approach glide slope (red over red too low, white over white too high). for more detail, function is described in NAVAIR 00-80T-111 and Fig 6-10.
  15. For reference, you can see how it should look in fig. 2-31 in the Tacman vol. 1 (page 2-35 in the copy floating around online).
  16. Just tried again. Definitely can't drop more than one bomb at once (each press of the pickle button in this track should drop 1 bomb from each station). Track attached. Just to reconfirm - I'm referring to DSL(1) mode, not DSL mode i.e., manually selecting fuze with the knob on the ACP. AV8B - DSL1.trk
  17. Not sure this is correct. The TACMAN states: "in the A/G master mode... and a weapon delivery program for each of up to four weapon types ... plus the fuselage gun" (vol. 1, I'm pretty sure I've used more than 2 types of weapon before (e.g., LJDAM, LMAV, and APKWS).
  18. Figma (just the free version online)
  19. Realistic checklists for the RAZBAM Mirage M-2000C covering normal procedures and basic tactical checks. I fly in VR using VR Kneeboard so I wanted to create a set of kneeboards with as few pages as possible to cover normal procedures: start-up, takeoff, descent, landing, and shutdown, along with basic tactical checks. These procedures follow the Manuel Pilote as far as possible along with the RAZBAM checklists. The aim was to create a quick reference matching the real procedures as closely as possible. I tried to remove most things that weren't relevant to the DCS environment. WIP: I'm working on a full English version, but to be honest there isn't much difference. I want to give full credit here to @Minsky here because his awesome Hornet kneeboard suite is what inspired me to do this for the Harrier. His kneeboards are awesome, the Hornet one is here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314313/ I know RAZBAM is currently updating the Mirage so I'll try to keep this post updated, and happy to hear any comments/feedback. LINK to user files: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318306/ Changelog: Version 1.00 - 08 September 2021 - Initial Release
  20. Still bugged but being worked on apparently.
  21. I’ll take a look at that. In the mean time on the last page there is a “scramble” checklist (also from NATOPS) which should give you just enough to get in the air.
  22. Adding to this with respect to WO/S. I know the ToT calculations are currently being worked on, so this may already be resolved, but there appears to be an incorrect function regarding waypoint offsets. If this still exists once the CS/T bug is resolved, I will upload tracks. From TACMAN Vol 1 ( - with waypoint steering selected, a WO/S exists, and nothing designated, the TOT should be to the WO/S via the waypoint (distance = a/c -> wypt -> WO/S). The WO/S must be manually selected once over the waypoint (e.g. with WOF, not currently working, see other bug report). Currently TOT just goes to the wypt if waypoint steering selected (correct behavior if waypoint designated) or directly to the WO/S if WO/S steering selected (designated or not, also correct behavior). So 2 of the 3 direct modes function correctly but not the first where waypoint selected, WO/S exists, and nothing designated. I couldn't test for the SEQ and NSEQ TOT due to the CS/T bug mentioned above, but to note: For sequential routing (para, TOT should be to the TERM waypoint (or WO/S if it exists) via all intermediate waypoints and their offsets. For NSEQ routing (para TOT should be calculated to the final IGRS waypoint (if wypt steering selected) or it's offset if (if WO/S steering selected), via preceding waypoints and their offsets.
  23. Currently DSL(1) bombing mode only release 1 bomb with each press of the pickle button. According to the TACMAN you can select a maximum of two identical, symmetrical stations (e.g., 1 and 7) on the ACP. In this case the pickle button should release "one bomb from each selected station ... with each actuation of the bomb pickle button". Ref: TACMAN Vol 1 2.5.6 DSL(1) Delivery Mode
  24. DIR bombing mode currently does not work. You should be able to select DIR on the ACP when no stores are selected (which you currently can), however as soon as you then select a station it reverts to AUTO or CCIP. You should be able to select DIR, then select stations and program F/Q/M/I. Then next time DIR is selected (e.g., if the SMC fails during flight) it should automatically call up the last DIR program entered (with the stations, F/Q/M/I selected). Tactical idea is to program DIR on the ground pre-flight for easy heads up reversion if necessary. Ref: TACMAN 2.5.5 - DIR Delivery Mode AV8B - DIR.trk
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