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  1. Ok i see what i did i set my controls to the wrong command -


    Ok so i now  have value down = -1.0 and value up = 1.0


    Now it works how it did BUT - i noticed when i was using the delayed method it went up and down fine as expected - but would also retract when flaps exceeded ~22%, likely to ensure you dont forget the speed brake is out when landing not sure. 

    But with this line method it stays out all the time until you SLD down.  I do recall watching f18 landing videos where they say blah blah about landing with the brake out etc as a teaching method for throttle control blah blah. So i do think it staying out was how it worked pre 2.7 patch.


    However, I can see what ED have tried to do as it is likely that auto retract at low speeds is a feature of the aircraft, if that is the case I would like to keep it, but the delay method introduces issues with the brakes not applying during the 2.5 secs.  If there is a better combo that allows the brake to operate like ED have it now I would be very interested.


    Right now im using your line edit method and trying not to forget to retract the speed brake,

    so some sarky git in F2 view with a thrusty wartog isnt laffing out "Dude your speed brakes out"

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