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  1. Thanks for the response. At least I know it’s not me doing something crazy. Great to know you are looking at a solution though, at worst it’s a very minor annoyance, and not dampening my enjoyment at all!
  2. The clock doesn’t show the right time (whether you set it in the ME to Zulu or Local). I reported it back about 6 months ago, Razbam said in a changelog that they fixed it (they didn’t) and moved it to resolved, I re-reported it a couple of times when patches still didn’t fix it. Maybe I’ll re-report it when it’s still not working in 2.7 if I can be bothered (I’m not convinced this bugs forum is monitored anymore).
  3. So I'm really enjoying this campaign (much more than I thought I would tbh) - my only problem is for some reason the finger lift button isn't working (the one that acts as an AB detent), i.e., if I push too far forward on the throttle it automatically goes into AB without needing the button. This doesn't happen on any other mission or campaign (where the button is required to push it into AB), but for some reason on all the Rising Squall missions. Am I doing something wrong? Keep burning through fuel when I am accidentally in MAX not MIL.
  4. Is the dispenser still in standby (at the top of the MFD)? One of the OSBs along the bottom of the MFD should switch between MAN/SA/AUTO
  5. Try rolling back SteamVR to the lkg version (it’s an option in the betas tab) rather than the beta. That worked for me.
  6. Try manually dialing in the frequency. That worked for me on another mission.
  7. So I had this bug, apparently something to do with the way the frequencies are detected. Rather than switch to the JTAC channel, at this point switch to manual and enter in the frequency manually - that worked for me.
  8. Still an issue with the latest OB so I created a new bug report with track files etc.
  9. So I've done some more digging - maybe you are correct and it is working (or my repair and clean fixed it). Anyway, now the selectors are actually there (maybe they were before), but I can only see them on the rare occasion when I am in direct sunlight. You can see the problem in the image below (where stations 3,4, and 5 are selected) - as soon as a shadow goes over them they become totally invisible. Maybe that is as intended? I guess from the image in Chuck's guide in my post above I always assumed they were supposed to be backlit.
  10. You're getting something like this? I get the barely visible dash when not selected, but nothing, just black when selected.
  11. Creating a new bug report as the previous one was moved to resolved a while back and I don't want it to get missed again. The changelog listed this as fixed, it is still not fixed. Created 2 simple missions in the mission editor, both with start time 08:00L (04:00Z). 1) Mission Editor: Clock Time = ZULU This functions correctly, the analog clock (to the right of the ECM/RWR/EXP knobs) shows the correct time 04:00, see track "Clock Time ZULU.trk" 2) Mission Editor: Clock Time = LOCAL This functions incorrectly, the analog clock (to the right of the
  12. As described above. This bug appeared a few updates ago but I'm only getting round to making a report now. When you select a weapon station (either on the STRS page or directly on the ASMCI), the red SEL indicators above the button for the selected store type no longer light up. My understanding (and how it used to function) is that say you have GBU-12 in stations 1, 2, 6, and 7, then pressing any of these should select the GBU-12 type and cause all four indicator lights to illuminate. Currently no lights appear. ASMCI.trk
  13. I’ll give it a try again - thought it was way too easy!
  14. So in mission 5, I took off and flew on the correct 330 heading, all 3 wingmen joined me. I didn’t hear anything else (last radio call was about the tower in Batumi) so I flew to the boat and landed as planned and it said mission success. Is that it or did I miss something?
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