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  1. Rolling... Donation made to The Jon Egging Trust Confirmation Number: 98113113CP6734257
  2. Daily WTF from Syria (via Al-Jazeera): http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2012/06/20126288759114562.html
  3. Actually afaik ALDEGA was correct. While Windows can access the whole 32bit 4GB memory space, a single application under 32 bit Windows cannot have *easily) more that 2GB memory, as the other 2GB of memory space is allocated to the kernel. This behavior is somewhat configurable, and applications can request more memory via some extensions. But imho both ways are rather kludgy/hacky workarounds for inherent limitations of the 32bit platform.
  4. seriously, you guys. that cpu costs like over 800 euros around here. and is capable of running 12 threads simultaneously (yes, i know, hyperthreading is not same as the real thing). Is Warthog really that much multithreaded?
  5. zokier


    Found this interesting sim in development: http://combathelo.blogspot.com/ Apparently it tries to model Apache. Anyone got more info? Homepage maybe?
  6. From what I gather, it was meant to be a high AoA/low speed maneuver, but one of the engines broke, and, well, results are visible.
  7. Too bad Play.com has totally dropped the ball and has taken over a month to ship my copy of Arma2 :/
  8. I'm planning to upgrade my current CPU as it doesn't keep up with new games, and DCS runs bit too slowly for my taste. I currently have Intel e2160, 2x1G of cheapo DDR2, a P965 motherboard, and Radeon HD4850. I was thinking to go for AMD as they seem to rule the low-end markets. But I'm not sure of the rest. AMD has just released cheap quad core Athlons that seem quite nice (AMD Athlon II X4 620), but I'm not sure if their single-threaded performance is good enough. Then I have heard rumors that some cheap dual-core CPU's can be unlocked to be quad-cores, that seems kinda neat. And dual-co
  9. I think I agree with you here. I know already that OFP2 will be vastly different from OFP (and Arma1/2 which I consider mostly as the same game with new bugs), but it can be still a good game. It's not like OFP is the only good game in existence, and any game that isn't OFP is bad. Yes, it's bit silly to call it OFP2, but hey, name doesn't make a game worse or better, it's the content that matters. What I hope most is that it would similar to the original Ghost Recon, in style and feeling. I still play it sometimes, solo or coop with my friends, and its great fun.
  10. DCS: Warthog is supposed to have more detailed ground, especially the Nevada training grounds. There has also been hints of better clouds. AI will probably still be the weak point.
  11. i5 looks lovely. I shouldn't be looking at reviews, they just make me want to upgrade, and I don't have the money.... Maybe if I pawned my TV.... Looks like a single core from i5 would be about as speedy as my current dualcore, and it has four of those frakking things. That would mean that I could double my fps in DCS:BS. And maybe try out OFP2 when it comes out. And ARMA2. And get hardware virtualization.... :drool:
  12. AFAIK Steams protection system isn't very strong, and that's why many games have additional protection systems(Securom etc). So even if DCS would be available in Steam, that wouldn't mean that we'd get rid of StarForce. Also afaik indie devs (like ED is) get better deals from Steam, but I'd assume that ED has already asked for a quote if they considered it. Must say that as a customer I have been happy with Steam, and have purchased many games from it. Especially week-end sales are great.
  13. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: If it's easy to get required data from DCS and there is demand for it, then yes. BUT: most improvements what I'll do will be based on the input from you, the community. If I think that there are no users, or if I think that the users are content, I have very little motivation to develop this software any further. So if you want something, ask for it. If you use this, it would be nice to hear from you, and all comments are welcome, both positive and negative. And if you are versed in Python and/or Lua, feel free to send in patches :) It's probably
  14. btw I have set up a server containing all the frequencies at mumble.zokier.net, port 61684, password blackshark. Feel free to use it
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