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  1. I have the 8K headset and I get the this issue. what are your settings?
  2. I paid $180 to send them back they wouldn’t cover any of that expense. He said I could have done it for less. I shopped prices and that was the lowest price! I have very e-mail where the support guy argued with me!
  3. I purchased these. I couldn’t get them to work with DCS. Their support told me that ED was working to fix the issue. I couldn’t even get them to work with Steam. Sensoryx support is terrible and I ended up arguing with them about sending them back. I have a huge e-mail thread fighting with the guy! I would stay away from them.
  4. :) Yeah the chollas are not fun! just carry a comb! Ahh... I did AF ROTC for a year! Decided to take a different path!
  5. That worked! I dropped the Steam VR tp 100% and the IPD in DCS to 1.0. That stopped the freezing and shuddering issue. I then was able to push the IPD in DCS up to 1.6 no issues Thanks for the suggestions! None I have a problem with dead pixels in the 5K which means a return. I’m going to try and make a deal on an 8K. If that doesn’t work I pre-ordered The HP Reverb G2. Now if I get my hands on a 3080 or 3090 GPUs soon! I stayed up,all night I couldn’t get the 3080... something fishy on the launch!
  6. Your saying the HP Rift is better than the 5K? I’ll just send the 5K back and get the HP Rift!
  7. I’m new here. I’ve been playing DCS for about 4 months. I just purchased a pimax 5k VR headset and I can’t seem to get the settings dialed in. It either stutters so bad that it goes out of focus and I have to re-boot or its blurry much worse that my Rift ever was! I've read and tried just about every thread and search article I can find. Most info is so old the settings don't match or the tools are new versions with settings they no longer have. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was using a Rift S which was running great! Here are my settings on all of equipment: My Ri
  8. I just purchased a pimax 5k plus. I’m going to sell my Rift S. It’s only 2 months old $300 if you’re interested. Let me know!
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