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  1. mmm ok, interesting. In that case I don't think they are for me... Although I've done the trainings and went to the manual, some section a couple of times. Don't think I'll enjoy these types of missions...
  2. Last weekend I bought the A10-C and went through all the training missions so have a very basic understanding of the aircraft now... I did create a basic mission myself to try out the things I learned. I am wondering if the different training campaign DLCs are worth it? I know they don't teach you but I assume they have missions with increased difficulty and am hoping these missions will help me try out some of the concepts...
  3. This weekend I bought the A-10C and spend the last two days focusing on cold starting it. Maybe I won't be cold starting it every time but it's really good to understand the details of what is needed to start it up. Makes me better understand the interconnections between the systems. Although I can understand auto start is used by many people, I would definitely recommend going through a cold start a couple of times so you know what is happening "under the hood".
  4. Just create one myself without problems. Added both the Huey and the A-10C and could fly without problems.
  5. One thing I did notice with helicopters is that they don't seem that popular in squadrons. Many focus on the F18, F16, A-10C and they don't focus a lot on helis... I've been in touch with a couple of groups and the message was always the same... On their servers they have missions that don't really include much for helis... That won't stop me from flying them :) Still working through the UN campaign with the Huey.
  6. Anybody knows if I buy the AC on Steam, I will be eligible for the discount? And will I get the II on steam or in the standalone version? I know the steam version will probably come later but I wouldn't mind...
  7. won't he join the formation once you are airborne? That's what I notice with the warbirds...
  8. Ah great. Does seem to work fine. I assume this is only for debugging and while developing as by doing this, the script won't be bundled with the mission? So when I'm finished with the mission, I should replace it with do script file, right?
  9. Taxiing at low speed then? Because as soon as you hit 40+ knots, it becomes much more stable and rudder is almost not needed anymore.
  10. I am writing a lot of Lua for my missions and these are loaded using the do script file. I do notice that if I'm developing and making changes to the file, these aren't picked up by the editor... When I fly the mission it uses an older version of my script so I always have to remove the do script file action and add it again in order for the changes to propagate in the mission. Is there an easier way? Is this normal?
  11. The thing is, I can get it into a hover but usually not at the right spot or the right height :P I need to be more patient and go around if I miss the spot...
  12. Ah thanks. I ended up using Moose and its scheduler object. Works just fine :)
  13. Thanks for the info. I'll join your discord and have a chat to see... :)
  14. What timezone do you usually fly in? When you're looking for helicopter pilots, any specific helicopters? At the moment I fly the Huey but looking to get into the KA-50 later on...
  15. Most of us will actually never experience the "real feel" of a collective so is that bad? If we aim for 100% accuracy... Yes maybe but in the end it's a simulator because we simply can't do it IRL... I'm happy with my hotas and heli at the moment... Perhaps if there is 3th party collective that's not that expensive I might invest in it later on but these things are expensive... Anyway... I tried the Batumi/Caucuses mission and it's great. My first rescue was easy... Getting someone from the beach. My second one not so much... Had to get 3 patients from a ship who was doing 20 knots..
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