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  1. hi ! i'm using multilanguage mission EN/FR create with mizedit app. KBB read only EN text on auto briefing page... how i can forced it to read briefing txt from locale selected in game : FR ? thx
  2. oki i found one solution.... you need to turn ground power ON BEFORE switching batterie ON and radio.... script works with this if you turn only batterie ON you can't hear leader but script is starting and you hear your response :( i don't know why.. coz for some users it's works without groundpower (no mod /same language/same version than me )
  3. hi ! same thing for me... and no solution . it's working on OB ( not stable ) but with last update... no more voices/text :( please help
  4. hi, no easy comms on here and no voices/text from lead at mission 1 ( f10 menu is working ) thx PS : legacy DCS not beta version :)
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