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  1. Thanks Matt. I actually ended up with practically the same settings. However, as others have pointed out, the cockipt and terrain lighting should be modified a bit in order to make the terrain darker and cockpits a bit brigter especially during the day time. Early morning and late afternoon are fine. It's early 2.5 days, I'm sure we'll be fine after a couple of patches... Cheers. Matej
  2. Hi, Could you please share the Reshade settings? Regards, Matej
  3. Thanks for replying, Glowing Amramm. I actually had to re-calibrate my ASUS ROG Swift monitor and it`s much better now. Besides, let me congratulate you for an awesome DCS 2.5 trailer (I even got some goosebumps while watching). I really hope it attracts more people to come by. Cheers!
  4. Dear Matt, Could you please bo so kind and share your in-game settings, primarily the gamma setting, AA and AF settings and global cockpit illumination option? I tried everything to make my 2.5 look as good as your videos, but I don't quite get there. Besides, do you use any kind of reshade/sweetfx mod? Please note, I use a high-end PC... Regards, Matej
  5. Oh no, I even got goosebumps on while watching it. Simply amazing. Thanks to ED for making a dream come true!!!
  6. Could we please get an official word regarding this? I'd like to reinstall DCS and save some bandwith as soon as 2.5 is live.
  7. Simplified but logical at the same time.
  8. I guess you`re right...
  9. Hi, What is the planned upgrade path for 2.5? Should I install a 2.1 open alpha or 1.5 final? Thanks and kindest regards, Matej
  10. OH MY GOD! Those VC pics... Or are they real photos?
  11. Here`s mine. Looking forward to a solution... Regards, Matej autoupdate_log.txt
  12. Correct. The problem is that I can`t buy it. I don`t even get a buy button on the product page as it says I need another product (although I have all of them). Regards.
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