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  1. I cannot seem to get a ramp start (F18) on the carrier deck to rain during takeoff. Im fine with static. I figured maybe I needed to adjust placement (a dozen times) with no luck. I have no problem if I use mission genererator however this ends up with a world wide cloud blanket. Summertime 90° Overcast and rain 3 (See attached)
  2. It's like a motion blur (motion blur is off) when turning. Its not a jitter or a lag just the picture gets this wierd blur effect around the out side of the cockpit only while meneuvering. This didnt happen in 2.5.6
  3. I think I figured it out apparently I have to command prompt to change to open beta to have 2.7 under one install. I am kind of hesitant now I downloaded 2.7 (separate install) and had a lot of issues !. beta will have issues but I had lost all sound (not just DCS) could not load or save custom control profiles I could not even fly the jet...
  4. After installing 2.7 (seperate from 2.5.6) My PC had no sound at all. Did not recognize speakers in windows. Could not save missions in editor. Custom controller saves would not load in 2.7 or 2.5.6 I uninstalled 2.7 and all problems fixed.
  5. Every one is saying Start/eagle dynamics/update This says 2.5.6 is already up to date. Idk.. tried going into filer explorer dcs updater as well and this does nothing.
  6. I have been messing with this in editor and pretty annoyed with it. Anyways I guess I could fight some turd aircraft that will take rear aspect only missiles. What I wanted was to fight some 29s,27s,30s, list goes on but I have to try and dodge their 12 o clock shots while I imagined it being merge and get their 6. These aircraft just don't accept Vietnam era IRs (which may be accurate IRL but sucks) I see Growling doing these types of fights with IRs all the time,perhaps he is running some light mods where the enemy isnt getting some cheap 12 O
  7. Thanks for the reply. See I thought the Aim9-X was all aspect And the M was the most basic Bluefor IR missile. I have cjecked with the in game encyclopedia but doesnt dive too much into degrees of capablilty. I know very little of the redfor side missile capabilities.
  8. I'm trying to setup missions with IR missiles that only track from the general 6 o Clock. I know the blue US is the AIM9-M ...but gave the red R60 and they shoot me down face to face prior to the merge. I want a position dogfight not a quick draw.
  9. Thanks I was wondering if AWACS was needed I will add one tonight.
  10. I like to 'create fast missions' then take it to the editor to tweak it. When I have wingman they are not providing data link. I have MIDS turned on I have the DL switch fwrd I have HSD OSB FR set to on I am on the same UHF (not sure what VHF they are using) *Do I need to setup data link to be active in editor ?. *Do I need to enter my wingman in Link 16 P2/P3 of the DED page ?. (They are either shown as 002/003 in briefing. Sorry im not sure where the problem is.
  11. Figured it out. It only works coming in on the °305 radial. Rather than the 125°
  12. Thanks to your replies I got the magnetic bearing and Persian gulf is -2° and has **fixed**my problem with lining up on the HSI and ILS. I end up in the opposite problem. Now ILS will not give me the glidscope bar or the cammand steering 'Symbol' (Refer to screenshot) *PLS/NAV selected (HSI). *proper QNH set in HSI directed by tower. *elevation set in active steerpoint page. *set radar altimeter switch fwd. *recieving audio tone. *CMD STRNG* highlighted (ILS ON). Edit:. This is also not because of
  13. This is all new news to me. Driving me a little nuts. So each map has a different mag value I need to subtract from my true hdg ?. Where am I supposed to find these values. I have Persian Gulf Cauacus In the future I will own more. That have different -magnetic values im guessing ?. I really wish the sim would just provide proper information for the aircraft youre flying.
  14. Ok thank you. Is there a proper place for it in the map or do I have to draw a line down the runway ?. That method isnt working very well for me either.
  15. The HSI course deviation line puts me way off the side of the runway. *INS is aligned to /6 *steerpoint coordinates in DED are perfect. *I tried the runways painted course *I have drawn a line down the middle of the runway in F10 map and used that course. It consistently lines me up way off to the right or left.
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