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  1. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/NASA927 WB-57 взлетел.
  2. What hazzer said. Unusable in VR at this time.
  3. I agree with sentiment above...I'm not jumping on a hype train with Mi24 and other aircraft until current modules get polished.
  4. Starlink Mission live in 70 minutes.
  5. w8AAdZ1TDUw Northrop Grumman Cargo Launch to the Space Station from NASA Wallops in Virginia
  6. Fake news. How does it feel to be infected by TDS?
  7. Well said. Exactly this I find fascinating.
  8. Yo-Yo, can you do a write up about AFM of P47 like you've done to other assets before?
  9. What does it mean "stick free". Like releasing yoke/control of the aircraft?
  10. I'm using Steam-Index VR and while taxing or taking off - sounds from wheels is like operating from none-asphalt surface. It's like I'm on a gravel vs concrete. Anyone else noticing it?
  11. After a quick search, not many P47 helmet cams videos. And none of them doing any acrobatics. Maybe someone can find if one exists so we can compare to simulated one.
  12. Please for gods sake help me. It's driving me mad and insane. All I want is for "A" (green pointy thing) to be mapped to trigger. Is there anyone with knuckles successfully managed to do this?
  13. 250G = windows + other non-steam games + dcs 500G = Steam 250G = Steam I guess I can move steam games around to clear up drive for DCS only.
  14. Feature request. Example- In STEAM - I can choose location of the installed game. I would like to do same, but for terrains in DCS. (ei. Select a different drive / folder for maps) As new maps release, my SSD is not getting bigger. DCS size long ago outgrew my drive so I stopped buying new maps. I do have 3 SSD drives and not a single one can contain entire DCS World + Maps. with this feature, I and probably others, would be able to support DCS World by buying new maps. To further break out request; C:\...DCS World E:\...DCS map\map A G:\...DCS map\map B etc.
  15. ValveIndex has no issues with seeing those. So options please.
  16. Fake news. Легче послушать что президент спросил а не слушать вранье "новостей" заболевших "Trump derangement syndrome".
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