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  1. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/NASA927 WB-57 взлетел.
  2. What hazzer said. Unusable in VR at this time.
  3. I agree with sentiment above...I'm not jumping on a hype train with Mi24 and other aircraft until current modules get polished.
  4. Starlink Mission live in 70 minutes.
  5. w8AAdZ1TDUw Northrop Grumman Cargo Launch to the Space Station from NASA Wallops in Virginia
  6. Fake news. How does it feel to be infected by TDS?
  7. Well said. Exactly this I find fascinating.
  8. Yo-Yo, can you do a write up about AFM of P47 like you've done to other assets before?
  9. What does it mean "stick free". Like releasing yoke/control of the aircraft?
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