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  1. I know how hostile this forum can be and how argumentative many are. I apologize ahead of time if my post comes off that way (not my intention). There is no conceivable way an F-15E outperformed a Typhoon in BFM. Although the F-15E and C share the same basic airframe, they aren’t the same aircraft. The E is a much heavier, much lower TTW ratio and a much less 'clean' airframe compared to the C. Totally different performance. People talk here like removing the CFTs is an easy, common task that’s performed at anything other than depot level - it’s not. I'm not trying to
  2. The E is as heavier at gross then C is at MTOW. The E, when configured for ATA, should perform roughly like a 2x3x2 loaded F-14A.
  3. For me I’m looking forward to learning to fly it and using it much the way I use the UH-1 on PGAW. I might shuttle troops or slings, capture airfields or with the Hind’s firepower perform CAS, or even bomb a power plant or ammo dump. How much I fly it remains to be seen as some modules click with me more than others. My current favs are the UH-1, JF-17 and F-14A. makes no sense, I know but those are my favorites.
  4. Can confirm you're extending/retracting/both the flaps at too high a speed resulting in at least one of them being stuck in the full down position.
  5. Make sure you calibrate your inputs with windows itself as well. If you’ve reinstalled the data and the problem persists I think we can cross the installation off the list. I mention this because I had a very similar problem that resolved once I calibrated everything with windows itself. I hope that helps.
  6. For reasons that escape me, tankers, airfields and the carrier won’t respond to me through the communication menu in multiplayer (Hoggit PGAW/SAW/GAW) while flying the Tomcat. I don’t have this problem in other aircraft, so clearly the issue is with me and something I’m doing/not doing and specific to the Tomcat.
  7. Thanks, wasn’t aware that was functional.
  8. I really, really appreciate Jester’s speed callouts. Thank you for the hard work, I see it and enjoy it almost every day. The down side is I am now very aware of how much I absolutely suck at energy management. I’m either rocketing past (and losing angles) where I want to be, or fighting a stall/wing flip buffet from being too slow. Jester’s call outs are helping me unlearn self taught, bad habits. I’m still positively awful, don’t get me wrong, but Jester has become a legit force multiplier. How insanely difficult it must be to code software that has to react dynamically to encounte
  9. To me, just my worthless opinion, I don't get that heated about pilot body modeling. The bodies do look weird and contorted in some instances, I've noticed it too - just not top of the mind for me.
  10. Hello - what you describe is most likely a data input error. The lat/long must be in the proper format and loaded into the proper waypoints. I know that’s not a specific solution but, it’s a great place to double check. If the weapon comes off the aircraft and works as advertised - just not at the right location - we can confidently deduce the weapon was programmed incorrectly. Auto start won’t cause any configuration problems as auto start bypasses any specific weapons configurations, which you the pilot can’t tinker with until you load your DTC cartridge anyway.
  11. There’s a ‘defog’ button on the ECS panel, right hand side of the cockpit. Press that =) The defogger is loud, but it’s automatic. Simply press the button, the canopy will defog and eventually the defogger will shut off. I use the defogger around 12k on my initial climb to prevent the problem from developing. I’ve found that if I wait until the canopy starts to visibly fog the canopy winds up fogging over before the system starts to work.
  12. Thank you for this help, I really appreciate it!
  13. I don’t say any of this to throw shade at anyone in particular; just some difficult, but truthful observations that if thought about, can help bring clarity. 1. The forum represents a tiny sliver of the player base - a very small percentage of us ever comment or even visit the forums. What is said here is often NOT what the overall player base is interested in. It’s hard to remember this because only the truly motivated ever get around to posting, versus lurking. So, what appears to be an obvious slam dunk to us may not be with the larger player base. Totally normal behaviors - bu
  14. Hey there, “Huey Sim” - the keyboard shortcuts/commands for the simulation version of the sim, versus “Huey Game” with crashes turned off, control assistance, unlimited ammo etc. “Huey TrackIR” - settings that allow you to move the machine gun by moving your head, if you have TrackIR equipped and on. ”Huey Gunner” - as above, but with a mouse, TrackIR plays no role. Take this with a grain of salt - consider clearing all bound commands (except the keyboard’s default bindings) for your joystick(s) and starting fresh to avoid any binding conflicts you don’t notice.
  15. This is the kind of thoughtful answer that’s very helpful. Thank you.
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