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  1. Hi @deadlyfishes, first of all thank you for creating this amazing mission and all the different maps variants, we are having great times playing it in cooperative and it´s really good to train different skills. As we are a Spanish Squadron I was trying to add the L61 Juan Carlos I carrier so our Harriers would be able to use the jump jet but I´m finding some problems making it work in multiplayer, there´s no problem in single player. In multiplayer it doesn´t appear. Does it need to be added to any script for it to spawn in the mission? The mod is this one LHD JUAN C
  2. Quest 2 here, after beginning from 0 when I introduced OTT in the equation is when the mask was not showing, maybe because I had a smaller FOV. Reset it to default and closed the app and now I can see the mask again. Now I have to try steamVR and the openVR mod without OTT.
  3. That´s so good! If you need a beta tester, just let me know!
  4. Weapon and sight mode selector? Release and target mode selector? Master mode selector?
  5. Amazing app, using it for a while now and every update gets better and better with more functionalities. I was wondering if it would be possible to combine the CK37 and the navigation panel in one landscape screen for the AJS37 Viggen. In my tablet would easily fit both together (10"). It´s not operative at the moment as you need to press the "enter" key (LS SKU in the navigation panel) to validate the data entered in the CK37 panel. Then you need to swipe back and forward all the time to enter data. Again thank for all your work, I´m always recommending your app to all the people
  6. Well you can tell because of the continuous or dashed line of the aiming reticle (or whatever is called), and as you can see I try both caged and uncaged. Only when I re-arm is when the sidearm begins to lock on to the radar (and it was caged I think).
  7. I think something is wrong with the ARM switch, I had to switch it to safe and then to ARM again to make the sidearm lock the SAM. https://youtu.be/F_Vz9TrAFiM
  8. This has happened to me several times after November update with the Harrier, just happened again now and I jumped into the forum to see if someone else was having the same problem in a multiplayer mission. I will try reproduce it in a single player one. It was happening to me with a SA11 and a SA8.
  9. Oh sorry, I forgot to post the answer. It didn´t work, but I will wait for the next update as I don´t think changing the device name is a good idea, I don´t want to mess with the registry and maybe cause more problems in other game profiles. Anyway, nice job with this app, so useful. :D
  10. Ok, just used ascii code to add the space, it´s not working, it would be great to know if any other user of the Gladiator has this same issue. BARRACUDAS#7653 this is my discord user if you want to get in contact with me rexehuk :)
  11. Yes you are right I think, there's an space at the beginning but if I change the filename and add an space in front, when I accept it automatically erases it, at least in File explorer. Any idea on how to fix it? Thank you again for your time :D
  12. Hi! I tried this now that it supports the VKB Sim Gladiator NXT and it´s not working for me. It says " No Template for: VKB-Sim Gladiator NXT R" . But the template is in its folder as your readme says. The warthog throttle is working perfectly. Thank you for app , it´s really great!!
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