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  1. First part here: https://youtu.be/mdBgFcfRF5w First part here: https://youtu.be/mdBgFcfRF5w
  2. I programmed it myself and the parts list is only the Arduino Pro Micro and a prototype PCB. I'll make a video explaining the arduino sketch...
  3. No it's not expensive, but this one gave me a lot of work. I had to change all leds and many keys. But it's almost new and better than the original...
  4. Jagua


    I have the complete CH setup and I use CH Control Manager to calibrate. It resolved the jitter problem. Of course, if it's too strong you will have to clean the pots...
  5. I did the test with the same condition above, including weight (50% fuel and AIM9s). I didn't get the 7.33 Gs, my maximum was 6.2, but I got the maximum instantaneous TRT (22.3). The maximum sustained TRT I got (maintaining speed) was 13.0 at 4.4 Gs, as in the data graph.
  6. It's easy to confirm that. I saw in Tacview when I made the same maneuver of the AI, starting with the same speed, I lost a lot of anergy while the AI didn't...
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