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  1. Amazing upgrade, congratulations! What did it take to convert that hall effect sensor to the x52 shaft? Some sanding, or just removing/replacing their shaft? I managed to get a couple of those and thought I better ask you first.
  2. Did you give it a shot? I realised I could just solder a 5 pin JST onto the FLCS shift register PCB where it normally contacts with its original base, so as to be able to connect the register board with the VKB adapter. I am waiting for parts, but I also don't know the wire diagram for those 5 wires that lead into to base... Probably very similar to Warthog/Cougar diagram that was posted here a few times, but no way to tell for sure. And in any case, I don't know how VKB expects to read those, it could be different to the TM DIN.
  3. Nice idea mate, I didn't know this was possible. +1 subscribed for this.
  4. That's a 5pin connector (which I think they used in the past). Are you saying that a 3pin XLR connector can be repurposed to work with VKB? That would solve some of my Rev A / Rev B issues... Thanks for the rubber bit info, that's encouraging!
  5. No updates from VKB yet, but I'll post if I learn something about this. Debolestis, would your 24 bit Shift register board do the trick -- make a CH Fighter Stick or Combat Stick appear like a TM Warthog stick? This is for my VKB conversion project posted above. I've seen the OSH Park webpage, but wondering if you also have these made or stored somewhere in Europe? Including our home country (Da ti ne spemam sad ovaj topic!)
  6. Thanks mate, you are probably right as usual -- I didn't know VKB adapter is pressed in, although it makes sense since it is load bearing over the connector. I was hoping to get the shift registers on the PCBs from Debolestis. If I get more than 24bit, do you think I can add more switches? That is to say, is the number of switches limited by the VKB's adapter, or NJoy?
  7. Hi Debolestis, Really enjoying discovering your stellar work here! I was thinking of making a CH Fighterstick that fits a VKB Gunfighter base, using VKB's Warthog adapter. First I thought I could just use your tailpiece for CH Fighterstick designed to make it fit a Warthog/Virpil base, but after looking at how the VKB adapter works I think this needs another iteration of the model. Here's an image for convenience: It looks thicker than the Fighterstick but I don't have the measurements. Could you make one that fits the CH screws? Assuming we can salvage the connector from
  8. Do you mind sharing then from your experience: does the F-18 grip have any issues with centering like the Warthog grip on a Gunfigther base? And does the F-18 grip require VKB's 'W' cam developed to solve that issue for the Warthog (or is there another one for the Hornet, or none such needed)? Thanks!
  9. Just adding my gratitude/count for your work on the ANT and RNG sensors!
  10. Excellent posts, thanks so much from a Cougar newcomer. Did any of you address the friction/throw problems of the throttle unit mention in the OP? While Nyogel removes sticktion issues and feels downright great, it does not help with the throttle handle falling over under its own weight... Adding a washer to the break arm (another classic mod) did not solve the matter entirely for me. While the unit gets more solid in a few positions near the top of the movement arc, it comes at the adverse effect to the full movement of the handle. So is there a way to make the Cougar throttle stay in a
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