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  1. I am wondering when the fix will be in concerning the pre programming of dumb bombs ? If I chose to deliver 10 bombs in single pair with any type of spread. It loses the programming after I select CCIP via any input. Stick or UFC unless I leave the left MFCD with the program in my view. Other pilots are seeing this issue too. We should not have to do this in order for the program to work! It will default back to just one bomb released. Its very frustrating to know it just not going to work normally. Please fix this issue . I might send some home baked cookies your way to sweeten the hassle out! John
  2. Download and installed the latest stable version and now no control over F/A 18 in instant action .:(
  3. I loved the way the visuals where in Wag's last video and want to to have the ability to match it. How and with what equipment or software?:thumbup:
  4. Hello; I am a new bee for sure. I am currently trying my hands on flying in the "In the Weeds" mission. A couple of things bug me. My wing man is not aggressive enough. He doesn't respond to orders and is always RTB. What is up with that? I know from the start this mission requires a rearm and refuel "if you don't get hit" but, How do I rearm my wing man back at base? While locking up a shot with the use of the TGP at lets just say 7000 feet and being forced to head back to mother earth to avoid a SAM, my TGP doesn't hold the SPI position and instead will move to a off target location. That is very annoying! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, John.:pilotfly:
  5. Is there a training module for each aircraft purchase? MY download is empty.
  6. None of my aircraft come with training in 2.0 release. Why?:music_whistling:
  7. A-10c question Where is the OAT indicator? Is there a SAT/TAS read out? My pitot tube froze over however, my canopy showed no sign of ice. Once I found the pitot heat switch airspeed was restored.
  8. Harrier Jump jet I'd like to learn the Harrier jump jet and fly with the Brits!!:smilewink:
  9. How can I restore all missions within the Mission tab under training and above campaign in the dcs game select? Some how I may have altered the universe. "My bad." Is there a way to restore all mission from DCS 1.2.5. :huh:
  10. No. But if you cut off fuel,elec,hydr, why would it not over time?
  11. Ok, I'm on my way to drop a laser guided bomb. I do the set up as trained in guide. Sometimes I set to drop two at a time, and then when the computer releases it only drops one! Sometimes it will not fire the laser after drop. (I know I set the appropriate time and saved its profile correctly.) version 1.2.5 up to date. I'll look back at programing the DMS to specific bomb and the program is back to preset so I have to reprogram only to wonder if it will follow command. What should I do? John (Bait1):joystick:
  12. I'd like to see a realized version of what may be a normal reaction once under attack with body movements and what may simulate a strike to the body with bullets or shrap metal. It doesn't have to be gory or overly dramatic, just more real.:pilotfly:
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