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  1. Ah OK, sounds right. Didn´t investigate any further, I set Buttons for "P1+P2" and "off" and that works.
  2. I think the problem is if you do not push it all the way forward.
  3. You open them fully and close them a little bit. That should put them back to automatic.
  4. That is really very sad. I have only warbirds and SoW in my opinion is by far the best server for warbirds and ww2. I hope ED comes up with a fix ASAP.
  5. I think it is a lot about trying out what works for you. I only do dive bombing and try to dive about 45 degrees and fly as stable as possible. I aim with the low end of the reticle, which I still place somewhat above the target. Well, sometimes I hit the target, sometimes I don´t.
  6. I have the same pedals. I had the same problems you decribed and solved it by inverting the axis. Make sure to click on the correct field for the axis and then select "axis tune" (I have three controlers and messed up sometimes by selecting the wrong controler). Make sure you delete manually every binding of the other controllers. I had some controls bound to throttle joystick and pedals which caused chaos. You have to set the controls for each module seperateley and select "easy or "real". Check the box in the top left corner of the control settings window. You have to se
  7. There is another thread where the problem is disussed: Fw 190 D-9 Dora Engine Bug - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  8. I watched some videos about tracks and what to do witch them. Then I wanted to find a track where my engine failed, but that replay thing takes ages. I couldn´t find a track where my engine is failing before I got too annoyed because I spent more than one hour . Next time I save the track seperatly when something important happens.
  9. I didn´t fly the Dora anymore. I tried the Spitfire (bought at Sale) but went back to Bf109. I think it´d easier as a beginner. But I hope they fix the Dora. I like thet plane a lot.
  10. Problem seems gone now. 10+ hours flying and not once did the engine fail. Bought the Spitfire at the curent sale, think I´m gone leave the Dora for some time.
  11. Thanks for the Info. I didn´t know, that you can save a replay of the multiplayer session. I hope the problem gets fixed, or there are at least reliable infos how to handle the plane to keep the engine running.
  12. I manage to break the engine of the Dora almost everytime I fly in multiplayer. The propeller just stops in midflight and the engine is of. Restarting it in flight does not work. I do the warmup procedure lieke this: 1000-1200rpm until 40° oil temperature. Then 1800-2000rpm until oil is at about 100°. Takeoff at full power, then 3000rpm for climbing, 2700 rpm for cruising. I´ve read some advice in this forum, so I try not to move the throttle suddenly. I try not to decrease throttle when diving. I have a x56 throttle, which when you do not move it the throttle in the aircraft moves anyway a
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