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  1. That would be really nice to have. Currently using petrovich feels like flying in a cockpit without any labels near buttons.
  2. At least contextual tooltips should be added (which then can be toggled off). Because it feels currently like an MFD UI screen. A player should not have to remember what "left petrovich short" does, when it is about telling a supposed human copilot what to do.
  3. I was flying the Mi24 for 2 days and it is a great module. However Petrovich feels a bit underwhelming in the way it is presented. For example in Wags' video, he mentions to press "left short pretrovich" to switch to a different mode. It does not feel right that players would have to learn and memorize what each directional command does in the petrovich menu. It should have a contextual menu like the F14 has. Because if players would have to rely on memorizing the coolie hat commands, then it would feel like petrovich is just a computer onboard the ship, instead of simulating interacting
  4. Would it work if I duplicate the dcs install folder to the new drive, then uninstall, then reinstall on the new folder? Will the game preserve settings for joystick and graphics after a uninstall? Because I would like not to have to use 3rd party tools or registry
  5. Is it possible to move a DCS install to a different SDD drive without reinstalling?
  6. I think this is some of the best DCS flying I have seen, you really have masterful control on take-off. However, I think that the minimum proficiency required to take off in a 109 is too high. Specifically because it does not allow the pilot to catch mistakes in a take off roll and correct for them. And I think that is the buggy part. In the Dora and Spitfire, it is possible with some rudder and some stick to regain control of the direction. While with the BF109, as you can see in the video I posted, as soon as it drifts left a bit, full rudder and full stick can not correct it. Also the co
  7. Something is not matching correctly then: BF109 rudder: Spitfire rudder: The spitfire starts to get rudder authority at 4-5 km/h. The BF109 gets barely any rudder authority at 28 km/h.
  8. I am sure this is a bug. The control surfaces and engine power of the dora, spitfire and BF are not that different. For BF Ingame maximum effort on rudder and aileron won't stop the drift, only the extra tap on the wheel brake. And I think that is not realistic, as the videos of real life take-offs don't show this amount of effort required.
  9. It is a bit brighter ingame. I use 1.6 gamma. I think the video compression made it a bit dark. I think this is good advice however, the 109 does not have a tail wheel lock like this, it uses a lever. Also on the spitfire, I can control take-off by stick to the right and slight rudder. Even during slow roll the rudder has enough effect and the right stick cancels out left drift. The same on the Dora, stick + slight rudder works. Even if it slips, there is enough power to correct it. But on the BF109 it does not have enough power to correct.
  10. On the sptfire and dora, it is possible to counter the engine causing the left drift. On the spitfire, I can control the take off via stick to the right and rudder (even during starting roll)
  11. Would a BF-109K have more torque than a dora or spitfire? I can easily counter the torque in the dora and spitfire. However in the BF-109 full stick and rudder can't stop it from drifting off to the left.
  12. The mission is a new mission with zero wind. The curves have no limits that prevent maximum deflection. I think it might be a bug what is happening ingame. I have recorded what happens with FULL stick right and FULL rudder right. At 1500 RPM. The plane barely can keep itself straight. And any slight offbalance will cause drift into the grass. (This video is not a take-off attempt, just wanted to show how much the engine power overcomes the aileron and rudder). Video of strong left drift: For comparison, in the DCS tutorial, Wags is gently rolling it up to 2500 RPM:
  13. I don't think the hard difficulty of take-off in a BF109 K is realistic. When I first had issues with the spitfire, I looked at real life video of a take-off from cockpit. The pilot deflects the stick all the way to the right, and then accelerates with small amounts of rudder. I imitated that and from that point, I can now reliably take off in a spitfire straight and slow. However in the BF, trying to hold stick right has no effect. I even tried pre-flight +20 trim on the aileron, no effect. What ever I do, the engine torque will pull the plane to the left. And then the only way to su
  14. A newsletter mentioned in June I think that they are working on CGI objects, radar systems. Does the ww2 asset pack contain them at this point? And are they functioning?
  15. Is it currently possible to setup a periodic-matched realistic ground intercept scenario for spitfire? For example, player takes off then navigates to the mission waypoint and gets enemy contact location passed via radio? Which leads to a second question: How would a spitfire pilot find the enemy in a ww2 scenario? Fly to a waypoint and look for targets? And what would a normal pilot be able to detect at what distance? When playing without labels?
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