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  1. Use a de-esser the voice recordings The main pilot's voice has so much piercing sibilance in the "s" sounds, its like an ice pick in my ear. I understand the recordings were EQ'd to sound like radio recordings, but even if you reference the white noise squelch test in the a10, it has nowhere near the piercing high frequency content as the main pilots voice. Even turning down the radios, it still hurts my damn ears lol. I searched the campaign folder because I was going to fix this myself (and offer it as a mod here to the owners of the Campaign), but unfo
  2. +4GMT I think. There is a feature within the CDU that can adjust all the times in the cockpit for you.
  3. I did this mission like 2 days ago and did not have any issues (besides it just being generally clunky and boring, but that's not a bug, that's a feature)
  4. Update: After a bit of searching around the internet, I found someone who posted picture of the board here. I used that photo to eventually find a marine electronics supplier with a 25A/12V rated single pole switch with a similar post configuration. I then found the part for order here on mouser. I will report back if this works...
  5. Searched around a bit to see if someone found a drop in replacement from Mouser or something for this. I am comfortable soldering a new one...I'm just not sure which one to use? Its a single pole (OFF↓ / ON ↑ ) switch. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Same here . @rel4y, are you still producing these? If not, does anyone know of a way to get my hands on these parts? Wondering if I can source the part from shapeways and do some soldering myself...
  7. I bet you're fun at parties... :clap_2:
  8. Is it possible to mod the helmets for this aircraft?
  9. question about this... Trying to generate a campaign for my open beta install...I went through the readme and "Created New", but despite verifying that I have my install paths for Saved Games and Open Beta installs in the liberation settings...I can't see any generated missions/campaigns...where should the install be?
  10. New to DCS to be honest...and bought this thinking I could use them in two campaigns I also purchased for the A-10. While it's my mistake for not realizing you can't just "pick what plane you fly" for a campaign...my question still stands...is it possible to use this aircraft with Stone Shield or The Enemy Within 3?
  11. New to DCS and trying to learn the mission editor...is that where I should be looking to edit campaigns to use the new aircraft? Are all campaigns able to be edited? Thanks for the help!
  12. yeah I had used paypal...it had already come out of my account but took...20 minutes? to be "delivered". This thread can be closed, but be aware...it could take some time to deliver for some reason...
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