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  1. Tilted IE it says +4 deg on the radar degree elevation. so yes relative to the horizon. so say you are co alt with the bandit you PD lock him and he start to turn. push your nose down so the radar elevation reads +3deg or more and it auto turns off the MLC. from the manual In the image below it shows +15 degrees in radar elevation. It only needs to be above 3 degree to disable the MLC.
  2. After testing it more. PD STT will not drop lock if the MLC filter switch is set to off. If the MLC filter switch is on and the radar is tilted +4 deg or more the MLC is not auto disengaging. Track attached showing this. F14 PDSTT drop lock.trk
  3. Put an aircraft in an orbit at 30k feet. Put your f14 similar altitude. PD STT lock the target and push the nose down so the radar angle is +3deg. You will see the target drop lock even though it is not in a 0 notch filter.
  4. It’s a camera yes , but I assume those pictures get analyzed by specialists. I’m sure you get circles , what it is, and grids on the photo. Multiplayer this is a big deal. If I was able to fly over an enemy base and take photos. Land and pull out my screenshot folder and see ground units circled and grids displayed. Big big win
  5. Is the Aim54 getting overheated modeled in DCS? Also what happens if it’s overheated.
  6. If I fire an aim54 via pulse STT at a target beyond 10nm. Will it act as a Fox 1 or is it still pitbull off the rail?
  7. I don’t think setting the radar to silent will stop it from sending an active command. Did you clear the track or just had an X Over it? Yeah so as long as the memory track holds it will send an active command. Hit the PLM button to clear the track and it won’t go active. Memory hold I believe is 2 minutes
  8. AI T80s will no longer attack targets at range at night unless they are within arms reach of the enemy unit. T80NightBug.trk
  9. Any updates for the fighter to fighter integration?
  10. I think DCS should have better IADS modelling in the base game. running it as a commander maybe a dlc? but I don't think players should have to pay for IADS AI.
  11. Ramp cold start: Jester does not connect DL to the ship F14 ramp cold carrier jester does not connet to ship.trk
  12. Not connected to ship DL when spawning hot on carrier. It will not be connected to any DL on spawn. F14 ramp hot spawn carrier DL not connected to ship.trk
  13. Thank you Deka for such an amazing module. You have done a fantastic job! It’s always on the top of the list for recommended modules for DCS.
  14. Yes I’ve also seen this as well. Not so much rubber banding but teleporting.
  15. Taliban have employed the tactic of airbursting RPGs over the tops of marine fobs. Although I’ve not heard an instance someone has been wounded by one.
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