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  1. I started flying the A-10C when the Tank Killer was released. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now, for about 3 hours every other day and I love it. The HOTAS is probably my favorite thing about it. I can absolutely employ my weapons and sensors to get whatever I need done in a quick and efficient manner, even with a broken Saitek X-52 from 15 years ago. I had been flying the JF-17 and I loved it's HOTAS controls because I had come from the Viggen and the Mirage which had very limited HOTAS controls. It took a bit to get used to the new controls in the Warthog but holy crap, I wish all
  2. Doesn't announce the new laser mavericks either. I don't think the JTAC recognizes the brand new armament.
  3. My only computer crashes this year have been because of my systems lack of memory.
  4. I really only ever use the outside views when I am orbiting, autopilot or watching a Maverick hit home. It's not a huge deal for me to hit F6 and scroll around with the keyboard. Been doing it since 2004
  5. Yeah I'm just learning to fly the Warthog and I can barely see my HUD most of the time. Especially while making turns its terrible. I wonder if it's this bad in the real aircraft.
  6. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=287531 Literally 3 posts up.
  7. Sounds awesome, sign me up. I'd love a more Russian full fidelity plane that is more modern than the MiG-21/23. Edit: Not super keen about it being a two-seater though. Is it fully flyable from the front? I dont have any friends that play DCS so I would be out of luck for a co-pilot.
  8. Help a dummy out, what new things would the Su-30MKK bring that the Su-27 doesn't have? Which is the better plane, or are they different roles?
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