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  1. thanks for reviewing the log file. Unfortunately I tried with all the pagefile configuration possible. Even with 8 or 10 GB the impact in performance is 0 (the problem remains the same). What I noticed is that when I approach a forest, the GPU usage goes down from 80% to 50%, and that makes the CPU usage go lower as well, but a little less. Maybe from 30% to 25%. So I guess the problem is with the GPU that reduces the power in the moment I need it most.
  2. Hi All, Schumi's problem is the same as mine in another post. Virtual memory, secondary external processes, etc doesn't explain the problem. This is something caused by DCS, something related maybe with the AA or the new modifications introduced in the modules during the last month.
  3. Hi, let me tell you my experience. I had a similar problem and after searching in the internet I learnt that there is a specific function in power energy saving in each USB port (another great stupid idea from Microsoft) that turn them off. If you disable that function the joystick is recognized because the port remains "on" all the time. I'm not saying is your case but is something that happened to me and I wanted to share just in case. I don't remember how to disable it, but is very very easy. Just google something like "power management of USB ports" and you will find it. Regards,
  4. Hi bignewy, No unfortunately I tried this before, with all possible combinations and the problem remains the same. The game runs stable at 60fps all the time and suddenly, when you approach a forest the fps drop automatically to 40 fps. This did not happened at the June release. The proof (i guess) is the fact that the F16 runs smooth like a baby, the same with the Mig-15 and all Flaming Cliff planes. The issue comes with the F-14 and razbam modules. Thanks anyway for the advice. Very appreciate.
  5. No, I don't have an MSI utility. Please find attached the dcs.log file. dcs.log
  6. Hi All, I write this second post asking for help to the devs because I can confirm that the following modules are showing serious fps drops after the last updates (I'm playing the current beta): F-14 MiG-19 MiG-21 F-18 Harrier Mirage-2000 All of the above went from a stable 60 fps to 40 fps when I fly low and turn my head to look at the trees and land objects. I guess it must be related with a bug or something that relates to the new additions into these models (radars, new textures, etc). I never experienced something like this before in those modules. Someone in eagle dynamics mu
  7. Hi All, During the last days I noticed that the new beta versions are showing a decrease in FPS from my 60 stable to 40fps when I fly over the big forest in Caucasus (in Georgia, near the sea). This did not happened before and only affects the F14 and some razbam aircraft like MiG-19 and Mirage. I don't know if this is related with the latest beta updates of DCS (the last version where I noticed excellent performance was the big from 3rd of June) or maybe with the latest drivers of Nvida (452.06) that came with the new Microsfot Flight Sim 2020. Does anyone has the same prob
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