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  1. Same here ... kneeboard builder fails to resize/move kneeboards in VR... they just vanish
  2. This has been discussed at length. Many people cannot cope visually with 60hz but if it does not bother you then it is a no brainer
  3. Edited the intitial post to reflect important experience/findings regarding wearing the headset properly on the face/head
  4. Aero works gr8 for me with DCS. I am also getting used to its ergonomics so becoming more comfortable with time
  5. Err... If you read the first post then you'll see that I received my Aero a week ago and created this post to provide my opinion on it. Will update my sig right away though!
  6. I am running on Win11 so it's not that
  7. My system is slightly below yours and i get about 60fps in SP and 30-60fps in MP depending on server. All DCS settings like with the G2 so pretty high (but no MSAA).
  8. valve index controllers. By far the best ones
  9. I use 2 base station v2 (1 bought from HTC and 1 from Valve). BTW, the Valve base station 2 is the exact same product except it is sold much cheaper and comes with a long power lead and a stand/wall support. The lead on the HTC marketed one is short and comes with no stand...
  10. mine stayed in Lantau for 2 or 3 days and then made it to my door in 24hrs
  11. Think is I don't think their is a code for the sysreq key. and the code for print screen won't work
  12. Nice upgrade! For DCS you need to use the WMR debug tool - cross eye tool. see sticky in VR forum section. Start by swapping top/bottom for each eye and that will fix it for you. It was the same with Reverb G2 before
  13. Re reprojection... I tried out a method that works well with MSFS apparently ... max frame rate set at 31 + normal power + VR pre-rendered frames @2 all in nvidia settings... Well these settings do not seem to impact DCS fps at all. BUT @Maksim Savelev did you try in VB ... analytics screen ... Performance tab ... 45fps or 30fps ? For me the 45fps reduces stutter greatly. 30fps was less good at cutting stutter bizarrely. Not a perfect solution as buildings are a bit ghosted/blurred but very smooth. A good way to wait for reprojection.
  14. I know I had to tinker to get reprojection working in steamvr... despite it being on in the steamvr setting and app specific portion of steamvr it would not take effect...eventually had to go force it via OpenVRSettingUX.exe. So yes it can be temperamental. Also, for some reason Steamvr was not applying the app specific SS (guess wrong linkage) so was just applying the global setting (100% in my case)... fixed it but not sure how... might be re-adding DCS in the steam app library as a non steam game.
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