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  1. Damn, looks like I need to exercise my neck a bit more
  2. Yeah I knew that . Hidden in plain sight. Thanks a million Taz
  3. These tooltips are getting in the way of displayed information on my MFDs so wanted to turn them off... Well that is harder than I thought. Found a BDA toggle(hide/show) command under Controls - General... seems to also be under UI ... no idea what that is but did not seem to get rid of tooltips... if anyone knows how to then help appreciated
  4. In some respect, the 'trigger risk' creates the stress for the player to make sure he follows the plan very strickly and does not mess up. Can add to the atmosphere and make it more 'real' as opposed to 'game style'. Being glass half full here
  5. Totally fair. Arguably the windows world is like that...millions of combinations to allow anyone to do anything...not user friendly though. VR is relatively new and it will still be a bit trial and error for a few years, especially as programmers need to account for/cope with different standards. DCS was clearly designed in the pre-VR era and they are catching up. Arguably they do lag behind, maybe because the engine was not designed with this in mind at all. Personnaly, i was reasonably ok for my gear to find settings that make VR so much better than flat screen but in
  6. What is the best way to designate the target lased by the Jtac? My LST is picking up the target properly but the weapon system does not seem to engage on it so does not do the auto release of the bombs. I fiddle around, generally going on the map MPCD, unboxing the DESG button then boxing it again and then my vertical line appears and auto bomb works...just seems the wrong way to do it. Would think it could be done just using the HOTAS? Tried the TDC down but not working. Help plse
  7. Is there a guide / video tutorial on the Marshall communication when landing the harrier? Been through the Ottoman Courrier campaign and the mission always tells me I had no proper communication!...
  8. No issues either with maybe the exception that exiting and restarting DCS does not seem to clear GPU memory or something like this so getting a bit of graphic black outs / stuttering for a few seconds initially until it gets cleared up again.
  9. Tried it tonight to check and frankly could not find much difference over Las Vegas. Might be more noticeable on other maps maybe. Normally, MSAA is said to be quite taxing on fps but I have not noticed much today...
  10. FWIW... just watched a video from C W Lemoine (ex F18 Pilot)... He is set up on VR now (with G2 actually) and says Trackir just doesn't give him the sense of depth and perception you need to have in the aircraft and flat screen takes away the 'feel' factor. Not my words
  11. @SkateZilla Ok for that but I am using Reverb G2, i.e WMR + SteamVR and the utility has oculus ticked...and I can't tick SteamVR ... How do I change that? Ok found this 'rendering driver' under Oculus Rift Driver config. So this 'VR Interface Application' section only relates to oculus headsets and is irrelevant for WMR headsets?
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