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  1. Any news? It's almost mid-2021 now
  2. And by the way, it may only function when you are not in a plane. At least yesterday when I in Su-25a, it not work until I back to the auditorium
  3. We need more powwwwwwwer
  4. After 6:20, Raven 11 still did not start, but in that time, they should launch. I waited them until 6:30, but still nothing happened. However, that not happen all the time. In 3 play, only 1 time happen. So is there any thing I need to pay attention to?
  5. Oh, thanks, finally I can enjoy the new cloud!
  6. After update to 2.7, after log in, only black screen display. CPU usage low to 2% and nothing happen afterward. I already remove mods except SRS and tacview. PLEASE HELP! dcs.log dcs.log.old
  7. Emmm, still can not get in F1 view and can not control it. And there is another problem, in the mission editor, I can't find any VSN mod. None of the 25 mods can be found in the editor.
  8. Hello and THANKS for your Mods, they are wonderful. Sadly I only can see from F2 view... In other word, I can't get in F1 view and can't have the control. As the 'Installation instruction' said, mods are put in the right folder and files are also copied to its place. Is there any thing I forgot?
  9. Good mod, but there is a problem. After update the game will crash when enter servers, only RAFALE M_AIR_SOL 2.5.6 and Rafale M_NOUNOU 2.5.6 will cause the problem but not Rafale M_AIR AIR 2.5.6. Looking forward to your new updata
  10. After delete some mods, I locate the problem is the 'RAFALE M_AIR_SOL 2.5.6' and 'Rafale M_NOUNOU 2.5.6' which cause the crash. But interestingly, the 'Rafale M_AIR AIR 2.5.6' won't cause crash. Anyway, thanks for your help.
  11. AMD R5 3600+GTX2070(notebook)+16G everytime i join a server(different server, include just before update where i play smoothly), before i can choose a plane, the game just close and no information back. hope repair soon dcs.log
  12. Thanks for your wonderful work! And is there have some Manuals to help me learn the mod? I try hard but cannot release any AG weapen.
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