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  1. Has the F-16 been nerfed? I fly the Growling Sidewinder server almost daily and the Viper seems very slow now. As I pitch up for altitude I can't get above 1.1 mach while climbing 5-7 degrees(6 amraams and 2 fuel tanks). Prior to the update, I could have the same loadout (6 amraams and 2 tanks) pitch 10-13 degrees and hit mach 1.25. I've checked my controls and they are functioning correctly. Please help.
  2. Here I was thinking a new rtx 3000 series card would fix my frame rate on triple monitors. It seems like it might not be the case. :( Starting to think a lot needs to be done in the optimization department.
  3. I did try fast v sync but performance still plummets.
  4. Can you please tell me what you added to the file? Thank you.
  5. I’m gonna hold off and get the 3090. :) I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing the game (it is a great game) but I been wondering if this “problem” I’m having is down to optimization for triples? As previously noted 4K ran great.I think 4K is more pixels but triples is 3 viewports (with less pixels).
  6. Flappie is right, my monitors don't support DisplayPort. I can get upwards of 60 fps in fact it goes up to 100+ in some instances. I choose to lock it down with V-Sync because the tearing is unbearable for me. Also higher frame rates appear jittery to me. I am chasing a locked 60 or near it. :(
  7. Flappie, I believe those are the factory values for my card. Under gpu boost it will crank up to 1950Mhz all on its own. I don't have overclocking software running in the background.
  8. Hi, Yes i have, I tried low settings on triples and it doesn't affect performance a whole lot. In my testing I found that Anti Aliasing and Terrain Shadows are what eat up FPS. Even if the game is set to low for the universal preset, I drop into the high 30s especially while flying over major cities or forests.
  9. I gave High Performance mode as well as safe mode a go and still no joy.
  10. Thats excellent! You are also on triples correct?
  11. Yes I did the command line version that was linked in previous posts. I guess RTX 3090 here I come (if I can find you lol). I just want to thank you Flappie for the support you provided me. Thank you!
  12. I have attached the Export.lua file as requested. Also renamed open beta folder. Will post with results after testing. Edit: I can not upload lua file. Please see attached screenshot. I think it might be because the file size for the lua file is 0KB(?)
  13. I must of forgot to set it back after the clean install of the drivers. I set it to max performance again. Still no luck :cry:
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