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  1. I’ve noticed some strange behavior with the P-47 water injection above ~32k feet. When throttle and boost are full forward, engaging water injection results in a significant drop in power. When the boost lever is then brought back 1 inch, power returns. You can then advance the boost lever almost full forward without seeing the drop off again (although this can lead to overspeeding the turbo). High Altitude Water Injection.trk
  2. @BIGNEWYThat would be very much appreciated! Some lovely skins chosen as winners. However, specific pilot skins(without matching generic) and fictional skins can’t really be used in historical mission building or multiplayer, which I feel is a huge part of DCS WWII.
  3. @Megalax if “they” is ED... asking artists to create/modify their skins to generic, outside of the competition and without compensation, wouldn’t be reasonable @JG13Wulf I don’t think asking all the players on a large server like SOW to download a specific skin would really be doable either. We need a larger selection of official historical generic skins
  4. @Barrett_g While I do agree that there are some absolutely amazing skins portraying a specific single aircraft, because there are only a few generic skins available at the moment, even in single player these personalized skins limit realism. Your wingman will either have the same highly personalized skin, or that of a completely different FG. I do hope that some of both the specific and generic skins make the cut and the generic skins aren’t overlooked!
  5. Yes! Huge issue right now! You break off a plane streaming flames, just for them to re-engage and continue fighting indefinitely. Makes multiplayer extremely frustrating, unrealistic, and almost unplayable at times. If I’m flying a 109 and someone sets me alight, for the sake of realism and fairness, I bail out! But you can’t trust everyone to do the same. It has become ridiculous! Needs to be fixed!
  6. Got it! However, oil dilution "In Game" seems to have no effect on oil pressure. With oil dilution ON and oil temps below 40 deg., you can't push more than ~1200-1400rpm or so without oil pressure jumping above redline.
  7. @grafspeeI still don't think oil dilution has been implemented. It takes the P-47 the same amount of time to warm up regardless of whether the oil dilution switch is on or off.
  8. @Tiger-III wouldn't say VERY little experience… in mid 44’, pilots went through 10 weeks each of primary, basic, and advanced flight training, plus another 5+ weeks? of transition training before being assigned to an operational fighter unit. Certainly a lot more training than many of us sim pilots will ever get. Personally, myself nor the other P-47 pilots I fly with have had significant difficulty with engine management or engine failure. Only when temperatures and operational limits are neglected have I experienced engine damage. Not to say that the modeling may not be inaccurate or b
  9. Significant gaps in the cockpit modeling. Can see right through the fuselage when checking 6 o'clock.
  10. Hazzer, check out Suntsag's spitfire canopy mod. Removes the baked on reflections and perspex scratches. If only this were the standard...
  11. I don't believe the early D-30 has a button lock for the water injection, you have to hold the water injection button down the entire time you use it.
  12. Flaps certainly make a huge difference in the 47 too! And keeping an eye on your peripherals as you round out!
  13. That fixed it for me! Thank you so much Eagle_01!
  14. Hello, I am having some trouble with Eagle_01’s P-47 Normandy DCE. Im completely new to all of this, and im a bit lost. I installed the campaign as instructed, then changed the paths in the path.bat and camp_init.lua to match my configuration for Openbeta, and edited the mission scripting file in UTF-8. When I try to launch Firstmission.bat, I get this message: D:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\luae.exe: cannot open ..\..\..\ScriptsMod.ScriptsMod.20.38.01\BAT_FirstMission.lua: No such file or directory C:\Users\ejton\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\DCE\Missions\Campaigns\WWII Normandy
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