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  1. about names priorities and marketing ... i purchased LOMAC. BS1 and FC2. (which are compatible online). okay now we got the DCS World which is the new base and makes "modules" interact which is all good just... what will be the big motivation to buy FC3 ? SU-25T is already available for free and correct me when im wrong the FC3 will also feature the basic flight model for the F15C, Mig-29 etc. Im looking forward to purchase the Combined Arms and the BS2 upgrade since i think its an awesome simulation and very well worth the money. Will make an awesome Tank vs Tankkiller Simulati
  2. ya btw ... DCS: Black Shark (English download version) - 9.99 USD DCS: Black Shark 2 Upgrade 1.2.1 (English download version) - 19.99 USD 29.98 USD vs. Fullversion 39.99 USD just saying...
  3. thank you for the reply german retail DVD LockOn -> Flaming Cliffs 2 (English download version) worked... just finished DCS: World 1.2.1 download and installing now :D didnt have a gaming computer for 2 years. yay
  4. I have a german Black Shark retail DVD will the Black Shark 2 Upgrade english version work with that one ? I dont mind if its an english version after upgrading...
  5. Tja... werd mir bestimmt nicht noch die englische Version kaufen ... also heisst wohl abwarten ...
  6. Wird wohl noch dauern ... leider : /
  7. That would be nice yes... Is there maybe a way i can patch my german retail version to english or maybe its possible to install the patch and language will be in english ? I wouldnt mind that P.S. I also got the FC2 thats in english already
  8. Yo she´s not even screwing with something electrical powered :D
  9. Can you say 'he sells the stuff and make lots of money' ? :D
  10. Don´t forget the hard drive : http://www.wdc.com/en/products/Products.asp?DriveID=65&Language=en
  11. You can order Lock On Gold (US import) from : http://www.okaysoft.de/ Available as of 12.08.05 - 08/12/05 ;)
  12. Yeah i know *sigh*. Even though you can do lots of stuff with it. Quick and dirty. ;) I wanted real weather like in FS 2004 so i coded something that downloads METAR data from the internet and creates a mission file with the input. I could have done that manually but hey i´m way too lazy. That´s why programming languages have been invented, right ? It´s just that i did not have much time and motivation anymore and it´s usability is still very limited but it works. I´m flying with real weather from UKFF (Simferopol). Mainly to make the daily bridge flying session more interesting :D
  13. That´s true ! If you set the wind direction TO 179 in the briefing the wind will blow FROM 359. However in the Lomac file the value will be saved as 181 (if you want to code something). Part of my getWindDirection function in VB6. That´s the way it works in 1.02 - Didn´t get 1.1 yet.
  14. Am i the only one who thinks that the whole LUA thing encourages cheating ? Just look at all the returned values and scripting possibilites.
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