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  1. +1, post above hits the nail on the head
  2. @BIGNEWY hope you can forward it to the team, I can search for HUD videos if you want at an available time. this is such a small feature but an incredibly important one.
  3. +1, basically the best trick of MITL weapons
  4. as I understand the premise of the argument from the wall of text boils down to "since it was not built with a specific focus due to doctrine it is worse than one that did" but then there is the 15E, which is known to be able to SAR map and go off of that to target stuff (which means its really good with the A/G radar, since neither the hornet nor the viper can do that) but then according to your argument it should be worse than the viper A/A due to that ? I am no RF engineer, but I figured that this stuff is not binary, even linear in tradeoffs, also there is a lot of text but no data, as in, not even guesses as to what params the radars have
  5. I'll hazard a guess and say that if the radar does detect something going stupid speeds or above it will just choose to not display it to a pilot cos why would there be any tactical reason to see a missile that fast and that small on the radar ? As a sidenote, the "theoretically possible" argument is rather annoying, yes, but that doesn't mean "practical", though its certainly sometimes a good argument to use
  6. For the record the hornet can corrolate CIT RWR and offboard tracks, its part of what MSI does.
  7. would it be possible for ED to produce WEZ charts for the weapons in DCS once they are finalized ?
  8. militaries test everything under the sun, and the sun itself as a weapon saying that "aircraft X has unrealistic stuff therefore my favorite one can have it" is weapons grade whataboutism even if we were to leave that, how do you know that the software exists to use it ? or what would it look like ? what about its integration with other sensors ?
  9. advertised where exactly ? the fact that it can designate doesn't mean it can do it accurately see: nitehawks not being allowed to self lase despite being advertised with the capability
  10. the viper likes the M0.9 range the hornet likes the M0.8 range at that point I don't think the ability to go M1 is a major issue for either I would say based on avionics the hornet would have a slight advantage the line gets real blurry when you introduce AWACS so the end of the day, while you would have more SA on the hornet since its a 1v1 it wouldn't be that different.
  11. well maybe the case, I am parroting what BN said in discord way back.
  12. I dunno about that, with HOBs fights don't last any longer than the first 90 to 180 degrees of turn yes, but a lot of the "pure dogfighter" design choices stuck, making it harder/more limited to adapt to multirole
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