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  1. the issue is when you try to do it the first time when you go A/A mode but regardless, apparently it is correct as is I do suspect there is a misunderstanding however
  2. this bug is a rather easy one to prove, if you go A/A mode and try to use the HOTAS command of SCS into left DDI the AZ/EL page will not be brought up it requires you to go to the TAC menu and wait for the AZ/EL option to appear instead of bringing it up regardless of the OSB option being displayed in A/A master mode
  3. having the kneeboards displayed on the pilots legs with the options to swap would be a quantum leap in immersion and mission planning also the ability to draw on it on the fly even with a single color would be a one of a kind feature in flight sims and a revolution to missions and coordination
  4. keep in mind that is a cruise video, unless there were no TGPs available back then all the planes should be fitted with one for standard ops the A below alt appears only if there is a ranging method iirc but not entirely sure
  5. fair point, but I am yet to see a marker as low as 4 o'clock position whereas that is the avg DCS one however I got informed that the rhinos use PGU rounds mostly, which I am still investigating
  6. as seen in the picture from Rhino ball 2016 the IN RNG marker is almost at the 9 o'clock position as opposed to the 4 o'clock position in DCS the gun has not changed in the rhino and the DCS hornet has AGR mode now too a quick calc with some trig reveals that the range in the picture is approx 6000ft (6096ft) at 70% unwinded range cue, assuming linear scale (for approx. accuracy) the 100% range marker would be 8571ft (I am still new to the forums so please excuse if the things are spammy)
  7. while testing out the bullseye display on the SA page I noticed that the BE arrow from the A/A WP was slightly offset clockwise (about 10 degrees). My first thought was that it might be referencing true north while the rest is using magnetic but when I switched the aircraft over to true heading I saw that the BE arrow also changed in heading, meaning that it adapted to the change. steps to reproduce: 1- set a BE point anywhere 2- to make it easier to see and test fly into the BE from either east or west 3- put the TDC cursor on the center of the BE wpt and slew to north (letf or right
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