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  1. All good .. just checked again and was loading the 16:10 and not 16:9 profile for the FA18 :thumbup:
  2. Thanks for the info ... it's good to know I'm not setting up the units wrong. I will give the target changing a go.
  3. I'm running the latest stable version and have tried setting up some artillery in the Syria map to bombard a area. Currently I have tried SPH 2S19 Msta and MLRS 9A52 Smerch HE and both will fire, however once out of ammo they will not re-arm. I have placed a Ural-375 (same country) right next to these units and allowed time to accelerate for an hour with no change. I have also tried FARP ammo with no change. Does re-arming work in the basic mission editor or do I need to be looking at 3rd party scripts? Just don't want to be chasing my tail if its not something that works correctly. T
  4. Ok, so just to confirm, even though I get the message (attached screenshot) that this profile can not be displayed due to invalid monitor configuration, all will still work?
  5. Just found this thread as I seem to be having the same issue due to DPI values. I have checked that both monitors have the same DPI, however Helios still states the DPI values are different. Is there any way around this or just need to wait until a fix has been completed for Helios? Thanks
  6. Thanks Flappie & Seal550 that this is happening on other machines as well. I'm happy to know its not my machine causing the problem. That's defiantly strange the ejection didn't work and other features still worked. I will give the "disable hot plug devices" as Bignewy mentioned, however I'm assuming this will most likely not help as it's reproducible on other machines. As its happening on stable and open beta, I guess for the time being I may have to modify the bombing zone and remove some targets. Thanks for your help
  7. Ok, hopefully captured it this time. :joystick: Disabled the Su-27s and started me closer to the SAM site. Took out the SAM, then fired a maverick, swept around and fired another maverick and the stutter begins when the target is destroyed. Both log and track file has been attached. Thanks dcs.log stutter3.trk
  8. Hi Flappie I had recently re-installed my OS and completely forgot about my page-file. I have increased this to 32GB. However, I tried running the same mission again and after firing the maverick into the supply the same stutter returned. I did capture the track but the same thing happened again with a duel happening with an Su-27 and crashing into the ground. I don't know if it helps, but have uploaded another log file after this mission. Thanks dcs.log
  9. Hi Flappie I have re-run the mission and attached the track and DCS log file. Was able to attack the SAM site, then fired a maverick at the ammo/fuel supplies with no stutter. However I made a turn and came down lower firing another maverick at the ammo/fuel supplies and got the stutter. Allowed the game to run for a couple of minutes, however the stutter did not clear. Thanks stutter.trk dcs.log
  10. Have been running DCS (stable version) with no issues except for the following scenario: I have created a training mission for myself flying the FA18 on the Persian Gulf map that involves flying off of a carrier, taking on some Migs with a wingman, bombing a SAM site, refueling and landing back on the carrier. The SAM site also includes a supply depot that has been setup with ammo crates, fuel supplies, etc. Taking out the SAM site is fine, however while firing a maverick into a group of ammo and fuel supplies the explosion causes a stutter that is un-playable. Basically have to quite th
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