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  1. We need this if only for a better flight/damage model.
  2. Just giving you my impression. I fly DCS with some rl pilots (some military some civilian) and they also ridicule the F-15. It hurts because we love the F-15, but we can't respect the FC3 plane, and it's not even because of the simplified avionics.
  3. Yes, the Mig-29 seems better. You can screw up in that one for sure.
  4. Not sure about the red planes and their FM, but the F-15 flies like an arcade game from the 1980s.
  5. Greetings. Someone suggested that I link this report here for heatblur. We have noticed that the target's RWR does not show a missile launch warning until ~3 seconds after the Aim-54 goes pitbull (as seen from the shooter's cockpit). This bug report is yet to receive attention from ED but it has multiple confirmations from other users. @BIGNEWY @NineLine.
  6. It is not a mod, it is a script. If ED wants to make it so downed pilots can be rescued as a default feature, great, but we need to be able to disable the F10 map icons. After 4 hours on a multiplayer map you can hardly make out units because of the spam.
  7. Just use the medevac script. Then you can pinpoint with blue/red smoke. ED is reinventing the wheel with these downed-pilot-spam F10 icons.
  8. Is there a way to disable this new "feature?"
  9. I noticed the lag, but it is only 1-2 seconds for me. Definitely worse than before the 2.7 patch.
  10. Su-25T is unflyable for me in this condition.
  11. Interesting to know. Fwiw we're all playing with less than 50m/s ping to the server. Also, in the Mirage 2000, the D2M detects IR launches immediately, which is why I'd like to know if the observed behavior for actives is intended or a bug.
  12. @NineLine @BIGNEWY Can this be confirmed as a bug? Or is it intended that there be a ~3 second delay between when the Aim-54 goes active and when the target's RWR detects it?
  13. After some testing we have noticed that there can up to 3 or more seconds delay between when the missile goes pitbull and when the target's RWR lights up with a launch warning. In one example the active Aim-54 gives no launch warning at all because I was only rolled out level for 2 seconds before it hit me. Me flying as a target is at the beginning of the track. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11VdoHLLa3YSWwSfVTC513FCIWKFK1TYk/view?usp=sharing
  14. Neat, I figured it out. Definitely have to specify country id to make this work. This test was made with the persian gulf map. Just watch from F10 view and speed up the time with ctrl-z. You'll see the spawn points change as the battle moves back and forth. It is rigged so that no one wins in the long run. autogft_test.miz
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