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  1. I finally did, thanks for the tip and insisting. The issue was fixed by swapping up/down for both eyes. Does it mean it's flipped for everyone? If it's not too severe, a lot of people might not notice, but it's still straining their eyes, perhaps causing damage on the long run. ED should take this issue seriously and fix it for real...
  2. Here's a picture showing the issue. I displayed the SteamVR dashboard over DCS' main menu, took a screenshot of both eyes then merged the two images. They are aligned to put the optical focus at the center of the dashboard. The dashboard is curved, so you can see that the center is sharp (see middle green arrow), but the left and right parts show an increasing horizontal offset (right green arrow). This is normal. A horizontal offset is normal, that's how stereo vision works, our eyes are horizontally separated. Now if you look at the DCS menu or hangar, you can
  3. The last three posts seem irrelevant to my issue, I suggest you guys open another thread.
  4. The game's rendering of stereo is incorrect, as soon as I enter the game it's jarring, my eyes hurt trying to adapt and I get double vision. It's super obvious when I open the WMR or SteamVR dashboard overlay, which render correctly: the difference of rendering between the game and the overlay is particularly disturbing. The left and right eye images seem to have an abnormal vertical offset in DCS. There might be some abnormal FOV distortion too, I can't really tell. Actually there's always been a distortion for me, but it was bearable before. Version 2.7 made it much worse, the ga
  5. Thanks for your reply, looking forward to those improvements!
  6. So, two month later and it's well time to share this poll I posted to the VTOL VR community on reddit, asking "Would you like it if DCS World had proper VR handling like VTOL VR?". The results: 161 people (+ me) cared to vote, which is a lot of activity for this subreddit. 78% answered yes, they'd like better vr controller support. 58% explicitely answered that they don't play DCS, and better VR controller support would raise their interest for the game (answers 1 and 3) The whole VTOL VR playerbase is between 50k and 100k owners according to steamspy.com. (It's a $30 game) I'll let
  7. I make requests when I think I'm not alone. Obviously I wouldn't want ED to spend time developing something custom for me that only I would use. Let's not then, but if we go down your road, I would jump to every request thread that I don't care for and express that I hope ED won't waste ressources on it. What if everyone started to do that? What would you think? Sorry, I find your wish or rather the fact that you came here to express it disrespectful. No big deal though, I'm just trying to make you feel why that is, but if my arguments don't go through, let's leave it at that.
  8. No I mainly mean manipulating all the panel controls. Actually their stick/throttle implementation is a bit weak as it doesn't have haptic feedback. Holding a physical TAS certainly feels better than a VR controller, but: - You have to own a HOTAS, or bother placing it on your desk if you can't leave it there 24/7. I personally have a racing wheel & pedals taking most of the room I have, I can't add a full HOTAS to my setup. - The VR controller is still something with buttons that you hold, it feels ok, is precise, and you actually see your hand grabbing it in the virtual plane, which
  9. So, I've just tried X-Plane 11, which had VR added one year after release, and the hand controlling is very well implemented. Actually works beautifully! If DCS worked that well, oh man, my immersion level would rise over 50k ft!
  10. Thank you for replying, I'm very glad I was wrong about assuming you didn't read the forums. And I'm glad to know improvements to VR are expected down the line. Do you mean the "silent bastards in their castle"? I'm sorry about that. I don't think I have made any insult or any kind of derogatory comment in any of my replies to commenters though.
  11. Designing around buttons limitations has been done successfully for decades: modifier keys, command wheels, there are many simple and efficient ways to augment the number of controls accessible with a small set of physical buttons. It doesn't matter that it wasn't initially made for VR, they have decided to do add VR hands along the way and they promote very proeminently that DCS "beautifully supports VR". They have to choose: either they stop saying that VR is beautifully supported, either they make it beautifully supported, or they remove vr hands altogether. As I've said, it's a chi
  12. > yes DCS may be able to use VR controllers but the amount of people using DCS this way of being used by other simmers is probally so low it may never get fixed.. Chicken and egg problem. If DCS has terrible VR controller support, those who only want to play with VR controllers don't play to DCS... Note that VTOL VR currently is VR only without HOTAS support, and it's a small scale game with 90's graphics, yet it's very successful. According to SteamDB, it has between 50k to 100k owners, which is already significant. If it was as big, realistic and beautiful as DCS it would likely have
  13. Listen, you have your preference, I have mine. Your preference is already catered for, mine is not. So please stop invading my thread trying to tell me how your preference is superior. Respect that other people have different tastes.
  14. > But he's right about it not being best to use the hand controllers IMHO. Indeed, that's exactly what I'm pointing out. The current implementation of the hands is too bad to be usable. > Yes unlike VTOL VR, DCS is not built for that currently. Indeed, but they can still do all the fixes and improvements I've pointed out, which would make the hands good enough for actual use. Don't be fatalistic guys. Progress comes with vision and effort.
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