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  1. I wasn't aware of the tracks working this way because in the past, I've observed sudden changes to missile trajectory (instantaneous Gs) as the seekers turn on within range after breaking "lock" in TWS ~16 seconds to active with the datum set to 32 seconds. I just thought that was attributed to inaccurate tracks being built by target aircraft maneuvers before they get missile warnings. I guess I stand corrected, provided it works the way you say it does. Maybe I've been seeing server desync.
  2. In the current implementation of the way the Hornet builds tracks, it can extrapolate radar tracks even without scans, up to 32 seconds. This is based on the last scanned heading, speed, and altitude of the target. If the target maneuvers while not having been swept by the Hornet radar, the track becomes inaccurate. It's not "magic", even though it seems like it is. Is this the correct implementation of track building? I have no idea.
  3. Ah ok, I'm seeing now that I missed it in the patch notes. I didn't know that the previous behaviour was actually incorrect. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. As of patch, TWS MAN no longer slews the radar scanline with the TDC. Interestingly enough, the new RWS SPOT mode now works in TWS, not sure if intended. Track attached below. TWS MAN.trk
  5. Bumping this thread for visibility because there is now a trackfile to reference showcasing the AGM-154C drag profile. A reply and potential change to the thread tag is in order.
  6. So far, several hours of flying and no weird thing with the volume. If it occurs again, I'll reply again in this thread.
  7. Ok, since there have been no .trk files supplied showing off just how crazy the drag profile of the AGM-154Cs are (afaik the AGM-154A does not behave the same "broken" way) I am uploading one here. All four AGM-154Cs were released at +95NM, with all 4 hitting an arbitrarily selected waypoint just for demonstration purposes. All four also successfully completed pop-up attacks, from as low as 200 ft MSL. If you do happen to watch the .trk, please let me know what you think. (Yes, the two JSOWs that loft into 40k ft do end up smashing the same targeted waypoint.) AGM154C GLI
  8. Ah, it IS on. I will try turning it off and report back with findings later.
  9. One thing I've noticed sometimes while flying is that DCS seems to make my Windows 10 think that I'm in a phone call and mutes/lowers all other sounds while in-game (Discord, Music, basically any other app) even with my communications setting in the Sounds Control Panel set to "Do Nothing". The problem is fixed through going to my sound control panel and manually cycling through the other options, then back to "Do Nothing" to get my volumes back to normal. This happens only in DCS. Has anyone else been experiencing this?
  10. With "Head Movement by G-Forces in Cockpit" on, is there a way to change some values in a .lua somewhere (like View.lua) to reduce the amount of head movement while maneuvering? I've been able to find some threads out there from many years ago (some going back to 2010) discussing how to change the amount of head roll by editing head_roll_shaking in View.lua, but now it seems to do nothing. Also, before anyone asks, I am NOT looking to completely turn the head movement by G's off.
  11. Track file here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bsNYBC-Htkz0ZgVHRMS5sBlPp2SLA_nn/view?usp=sharing Edit: I've tried to watch this .trk myself, turns out I can't due to some kind of error. Potentially because the .trk is from a multiplayer game. I have no idea how to replicate the bug, nor do I know any steps related to the bug appearing other than being in A/A mode. Hopefully this .trk works for someone else.
  12. Bumping this thread, this behavior definitely can't be considered correct can it? As Jak as previously stated, the bar options are all shown despite no TDC placement. This leaves us unable to see what bar scan we are in for both TWS/RWS. I can attach a .trk if needed.
  13. Whether or not this bug is tied into specific attributes like weapon loadout has yet to be seen. However, I can say that I have experienced this problem no matter the ordnance. The bug persists even on a clean aircraft.
  14. +1 I don't have a .trk file handy atm to show but have a tacview if anyone is interested, but I have personally been able to get 120NM hits with the AGM-154Cs from doing a manual release while seeing the same behaviour stated above. I am almost certain they can go further, terrain permitting.
  15. (OB vers. I've been seeing some odd AMRAAM behaviour lately (could be as a result of this new OB patch?) against targets that begin to pop chaff, the missiles in this particular case (towards the end of the .trk file) seem to have been tracking their targets fine, then all of a sudden go for chaff. In this .trk, one missile even pulls ~23.0G. Is this normal behaviour? I'd like to get some thoughts on this. Attached below are both the .trk files and tacview. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CfZ_Cn6XHBQcQ5Xko9aCVnn2I_tnqQHA?usp=sharing T
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