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  1. Thanks Flappie. About the error 0xc0000142, though I gave a valid solution for my case, I am sure that this error may be caused by many different causes in combination with Windows. And about my daily crashes I may post an extensive report here with all my pains. Though under "some" control, I would like to play without needing to do what I do every day to play DCSW.
  2. I know this thread has nine months in the forum but I want to document what has happened me today related with the Error 0xc0000142. And what I did to solve it. It was impossible to startup DCSW. It gave a Initialization 2 and when closing the box it indicated the error. All Steam games I have worked fine. So it seemed a WIndows related issue. However the solutions in YouTube and elsewhere were incapable to fix the issue. But it is important to tell you that "before" the initialization error started, I had another error related with worldgeneral.dll (only once).
  3. If you are fighting with the Magic, use the Nav Update / Magic unlock control and a square (Vertical Narrow Search) will appear in the upper hud. Try to get to the desired target. If it gets locked again to an undesired aircraft (like a friendly), unlock again. I have my unlock control programmed in the keyboard for U, which is not used by default in the Mirage. There are other ways. Check the page 138 in Chuck's Guide. Or better check the full part 9 If you are fighting with the 530, use the SVI or Spirale close combat hud modes. CMD forward - aft. Unlock with
  4. The easiest and fastest way to use the Magic is pressing M in the keyboard and point the upper cross in the HUD to your target. When the Magic detects a target, it will start a growling noise. Shoot when you are close to the aircraft. If you want to unlock just press N. This is the easiest way, but using the PCN, radar and close combat hud modes are more "complex" ways to use the Magic.
  5. The Mirage is currently my only hf module and I am pretty happy with it. Great dogfighter. Not yet an expert with A2G weapons. I downloaded the F-18 and Supercarrier to test, but I can't stop playing the Mirage during these days. Anyway I probably will purchase the F-18.
  6. No more need for airports in DCSW :-)
  7. Thank you Thank you for your total help. ????
  8. Flappie, nothing! :thumbup: No crash, no freeze or hang. I tried it twice. The second time I even destroyed your three targets with the cannon. :megalol: All along previous S-25T missions I have had many superimposed sound files from two or more sources (command, allied flight, wingman, etc...) and never had a crash that way. As a matter of fact, I think I mentioned that in the initial post: Since I had the last stable download (Ver., last week, I haven´t had any of the annoying and daily crashes at desktop I used to have since I installed the game two months ago. I particip
  9. Maybe you are right, but I think the smoke message comes a few seconds later if I remember well. BTW, where are you getting these playing wav (folder)? Anyway. It is not a big problem. I am sure the failure is only tied to that particular mission as it has not happened in any other mission before. I am now at level 10 in the campaign and I have played all other Su25T missions in the weeks before, including a complex mission of my own.
  10. I abandoned any effort of overclocking a long time ago.:huh:
  11. The issue still there I have flown the 5.2 mission four times. Twice froze and another two did not. The two that crashed I gave the order to wingman closely after waypoint 3. The other two that I managed to end (in both cases shot down by SAMs) I gave the order some distance after WPT 3. Interesting, no? I look at the dcs.log of the last one (which froze) and find the very same ending "can't load wave....", but there are other errors along it. dcs log is attached. dcs.log
  12. I know I can play it by navigating to the mission folder. But what I don´t know is if by doing so, will my campaign results be modified? It is for that, I did suggest copying the mission to another folder like "my missions". OK. I did that. I have now 16GB of v. ram. Meditating on that, I wonder if it was the cause of all my DCSW crashes to desktop, before the stable download of last week.:doh: I don´t remember to have messed with the virtual memory, so I believe the low value was set by Windows 10. Tonight, I will reproduce mission 5.2 and let you know how it worked. Thanks a
  13. I have experienced some negatives to repair or refuel/arm, but after insisting 3 or 4 times more, the ground crew answers copy and proceeds with the task.
  14. Thank you for answering, Flappie. :) See that I got the freezing crash, at least three times in a row. Same mission, about same place (when I order to wingman what to do). But I only have the DCS.log below. Here it is the entire log: See that the Sound event is the last one and happens 2 minutes after the previous log entry. The freezing happens immediately after giving that particular order. A different order was necessary afterwards to be able to bypass that particular mission in the campaign beyond 5 and progress to missions 6, 7 and 8 (where I am now). If I wanted to play the cam
  15. I am a two months beginner in DCSW, so I am just playing with the SU-25T. I play with an i7-4790K @ 4.00 GHZ 16GB RAM and a GTX 1060 6GB video card in a 1920 x 1080 144Hz ASUS VG248 monitor. I use middle+ graphics settings and get a pretty good fps performance. During the last two months I have had daily crashes to desktop, related with memory issues (including some BSOD after crashing to desktop). I´ve got to live with those and found some tricks to minimize the crashes. But after the last stable download last week, it seems DCSW is really more stable and I haven´t yet experienced the
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