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  1. I am not trolling, but I play Su-27 since Flanker 1.0... and feel that from about year ago Su-27 starts to perform worse, and worse comparing to F-15C or Mirage. We, I mena =OPS= plays one mision "Polonez" since many years exacly at the same area. I know, it sounds boring :-) but we can notice evry change to FM, DM etc. To be honest F-15C is slighty worse than used to be few years ago, but Su-27 is much worse... Now if you engaged at close dog with Mirage or F-15 you have to have luck to make advantage. But if you engaged at gunzo you have no chance to disengage. Downgarding Su-27 is kind of l
  2. I mean dogfight. If your speed is lower then your foe, he is able to disengage, you are not. So if you at df at visual range with Mirage or F-15C you play on them rules. Tell me witch modern russian aircraft at DCS could engage and disengage at will? Best, =OPS= boski_qrdl_logos (SL)
  3. Ok. Now I understand that Su-27 is worst modern aircraft @DCS World. True? It is slowest and very heavy. Is @DCS any other modern aircraft that performes worst then Su-27?
  4. Hi, Perhaps I will buy Mi-8 once again and I will play on this latest buy, rather than on bought 2 weeks ago: -). It partly will solve a problem, because I will take the benefit from the sale :-). Also sprach Zarathustra
  5. I attached my network.cfg file. I can see two values where my LAN IP address are: upnp_control_url = "" interface = "" I guess that first is my gateway (router) address, and second ( is my DCSW server. Best, qrdl network.cfg
  6. After updated my DCSW to 1.2.6 I`ve lost possibility to create on-line server, but as client I could connect to any on-line server. Trying to resolve the problem, I`ve tried a lot of tricks. I`ve reinstalled and finally uninstalled all AV&FW soft. Then reinstalled DCSW & modules - nothing. As it turned out a network.cfg was "guilty" due to being not updated by game. When my LAN IP address changed, eg. from to, @ network.cfg there were still old (..02) value. Manually edited network.cfg solved my problem, but in my opinion it is some kind of bug.. Best, qrdl
  7. Hi, As the DCSW server: crashing - pull over from the runway - during the take-off (Mig-29S) is freezing the game (screen) on the server. In consequence an anti-aircraft defence of airports is ceasing acting (and other vehicles), players cannot change planes. DCSW v. System: Win8, i7, Geforce GTX 670. Best, qrdl
  8. Hi, SAMs in MP missions don`t work properly - hardly colud hit something (expert set.). Also SAMs cant hold lock (?) after firing missile which hits ground, flyes to Gods eye, etc. Mission works fine under 1.11 best wishes, qrdl shortIR_curr.zip
  9. 1.11 sometimes freezes for ~1 sec, not often and I didnt connect freezeing with the bug. Ive only noticed drop in FPS when I was looking at b. towns. Are you interested in any particular file? I can send it to You. BEFORE patch 1.11 I modified 2 files (& added su25t night skin).. NOW, after patched to 1.11 they look like: ../Config/producer.cfg ForceFeedbackEnabled = false; ../Config/network/config.lua -- This file was automagically generated. Edit with care. :) gameTimeout = 30; pingPeriod = 1; maxPacketSize = 500; playerName = "logos"; idleTimeout = 120; st
  10. Ok I start to record tracks. Last time not all map objects was burning, only 3 or 4 towns and not all buildings/instalations in those towns... I hope it could be seen on previously attached screen shots.. best wishes, qrdl
  11. I was playing with friend 1 vs 1, I was host. I asked him to veryfi my observations - he didn`t see anything strange. So, it seems that the bug only appeared on host (my) machine. best wishes, qrdl ps. today I am going to host mp game with same mission. If cities start to burn, I make more close shots... but as I wrote befeore, I played 1.11 online 2 times, as a host, and bug appearde only second time.
  12. I`ve seen this since 1.1. I think its old one, not introduced in 1.11. best wishes, qrdl
  13. That all shots.... Ive no track. Mission was created in 1.02 re-editet in 1.1 and fine tuned in 1.11 :-) I was hosting this mission, there was 1 client, so we`ve got 1:1 df (29-15). I played this mission twice for 2 and 3h. First time bug didn`t appear. My FC installation (down ver) is clean.. only official su25t night skin mod added on 1.1. No other mods and tweaks. Gainward 6800Ultra 256MB, ForceWare 81.26; 1MB (2x512) dual RAM, P4 3.2@~3.5 (FSB 223); mobo Asus P5P800. (Prime95 running more than 5h with no errors&warnings :-)) best wishes, qrdl logos9LOTSAM_MOD01_NOF
  14. Hi, Multiplayer, ~1h on-line, only guns&IR, and suddenly... regards, qrdl
  15. Thank you ED dev team for answering my (ours) questions... It is good to know how helpfull You are. I remeber times of Flankers 2.x forum (SSI), it`s very pity that good old standards are history right now :( best wishes, qrdl
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