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  1. After boresighting the mavericks, TPOD seems to "shift" the waypoints by many miles in a specific direction. Is it just me who is having this problem?
  2. Is Heatblur planning to add glove vanes that early F-14As had? It would be a great addition IMO.
  3. While flying, I encounter 2 bugs with the WMD-7. 1. It is very hard to slew TPOD while turning (not sure if this is a bug) 2. The lens are actually pointed to the other direction
  4. I want the Su-30MKK so bad, though I don´t think it´s probable since they don´t want to model those MFDs. Would be nice if Deka announced their final decision...
  5. How is radar able to distinguish a target that is moving 90 degrees relative to you from background stuff?
  6. Why do you have to offset from a target when using EXP mode? I know it´s because of doppler shift but I can´t wrap my head around why: You don´t have to offset when not using EXP mode How does an offset from the target change the doppler shift? I know this is a rather complex question but I´ll try anyway.
  7. I think it´d be a great addition to the module. You could swap between the traditional and digital one in mission editor. Here's a Finnish F/A-18C with a digital UFC:
  8. Since Deka was able to get enough data for JF-17 Block 2, is there any chance they could get enough data for a Chengdu J-10?
  9. I was wondering... if you fire an AIM-120 on a primary target in TWS mode and then change the primary target while keeping the first target (the one you fired on) as secondary target, is the missile gonna go pitbull?
  10. What´s approximately the highest Mach you can achieve with 4 underbelly Phoenixes?
  11. Judging by many multiplayer sessions, Phoenix seems to be much easier to deceive both by Chaff and Evasive maneuvers. Do you also find it to be the case? How would you compare the probability of kill to the AIM-120?
  12. Well, i3-8300 3.7GHz (usually used to just 60-70%), 16GB DDR4 RAM, GTX1060 3GB (the weakest component) In the Hornet, I usually get 40FPS on ground and 65FPS once airborne.
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