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  1. Hi, I was also struggling with this mission. One time I did get the mission completed, but never managed to do that again, just as you said. I think that you should let the other other helicopters (was it MI-8) to take down AAA, and only than to rush in. It's a fun mission but it is frustrating that I always get's hit or out of ammo before completing the mission.
  2. A friend call Bernd created a very nice video for the mission: You should check it out!
  3. Thanks for the invitation. I'll try it. Still new in Discord and all, not sure what to look for - but I'm getting there
  4. Just started to play around in multiplayer servers and I realized I needed to improve my formation skills. So I created this nice single-player mission, taking place in the Lake Qaraoun (Lebanon). Try to stay in close formation with the flight lead and get as much point as you can. after countless tries, I got it to the Expert skills (well, at least once :smilewink:) I decided to polish it up for you guys and share the mission. Hope you'll enjoy it. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312548/ Cheers!
  5. What happened is that I'm an idiot... I completed the mission and uploaded it. Then I wanted to add something to the mission (not even remember what it was) - But I've ecxidently rewrote the mission file with an empty mission (with nothing but the screenshots). I even uploaded the broken mission to the file section, I have no backup... so there you go... I lost everything. I will gather my self up and will make it again sometime... Sorry guys.
  6. Thank you man! I didn't expect such a quick and complete answer... That works great. Just as I needed. I'm making a mission that simulates the case of a canopy flies off of f15 with the the original radio voices. Just need to sync the tranlation.. BTW - where can I find a list of all commands available?
  7. Hi WytchCrypt, DId you finaly find a way to make it happen? I'm looking for a way to open the canpoy of the F15c automaticaly, and I though "Ctrl+C" kwystroke can be an option, but I can't find a way to send a keystroke in any way...
  8. Thank you Andrew, glad that you liked it. I appreciate your feedback!
  9. Hi Andrew, The link is working for me, but anyway you can copy the link to the Hebrew source: https://www.iaf.org.il/6520-39223-HE/IAF.aspx Into google translate: https://translate.google.com/ It should translate the page for you. I hope you'll enjoy the mission!
  10. Hi all! This is my first thread in this forum, so I hope I'm getting this right. I like to share with you my second "Inspired by Real-Life Event" mission (thinking to make it a series). In this mission I'm recreating the heroic Medivac operation from the symbolic fortress "The Beaufort" on June 1982 (Syria Map). You can read all about the story here: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.iaf.org.il%2F6520-39223-HE%2FIAF.aspx Feel free to comment and share your thoughts about the mission. Link to the mission: https://www.dig
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