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    RWS after patch

    I'm pretty sure SAM mode also trigger a lock warning.
  2. look like a known issue
  3. Do you use an axis for TGP slew? If that is the case, try adding a deadzone to the slew axis.
  4. Your line for the SB 2POS looks fine to me and appears to work when I added it to Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Input\F-16C\joystick\default.lua and bound the slider button to it My DCS sees a button pressed and held down when the slider is fully forward. In the jet, slider fully forward retracts the SB and slider back deploys the SB However on the landing approach when gear is down, the SB in the F-16 does not open to the maximum unless the AFT position is held, probably a risk of SB hitting the ground. So I'm not sure if doing a 2POS SPD BRK like this is a good idea.
  5. F10 map and INS DED page shows true heading (hence THDG in the INS page) while the HUD is showing magnetic heading. The numbers should be different according to the magnetic variation.
  6. I managed to reproduce something that looks the same if my jet started with 0% fuel. Do you know for sure that there was fuel in the jet? Edit: looks like SteelFalcon beat me to it
  7. Not certain if it is the cause here. But why is ELEC only on BATT and not MAIN PWR?
  8. Any chance that DCS-ExportScript is in use? Last time I heard about TGP crashes like this was caused by that export script. Tess also has a fixed export script in the thread linked. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/252202-missing-crash-logs-f-16cs-tgp-causes-the-game-to-crash
  9. are you using DCS-ExportScript by any chance? https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/252202-missing-crash-logs-f-16cs-tgp-causes-the-game-to-crash
  10. Include a track file preferably on a free map so others can see exactly what you're doing and verify your procedure. Without a track file other people can only make guesses as to why it's not working. A note, TMS right can be done with the radar cursor anywhere. It will transition all current Track Targets to System Target, but you must not have any System Targets. TMS up with radar cursor on a Track Target will promote only that Track Target to System Target. This can be done when you have System Targets to promote additional Track Targets to System Targets. Whether you can still do this with a Bugged Target I do not know and will need to test. A few ideas as to why it's not working. FCR is not SOI. You're seeing datalink symbols which do not distinguish between Track target and System Target. You're on the latest open beta which, when no datalink symbols are present, does not show the hollow square symbol for System Target, and instead shows a filled in white square like a Track Target. You already have a System Target, or Bugged Target.
  11. It looks like the latest open beta update did break the TWS System Target and Bugged Target symbol. And Frederf's pictures in their solution shows the same thing. Without datalink symbols present, System Target and Bugged Target, according to the manual, is suppose to be a hollow white square, not a filled white square.
  12. I think you're confusing datalink symbols with normal TWS Symbols a solid red triangle is a datalink track correlated with onboard sensors like the radar any correlated datalink tracks will override the normal TWS symbols normal TWS symbols are a small solid square for raw search returns a big solid square for Track Targets a big hollow square for System Targets and a big hollow square with a circle around it for Bugged Target when datalink is present, hollow red/green symbols are only datalink tracks and not seen by your own radar TWS will show raw search returns, and when you get enough search returns to build a Track Target this Track Target is matched with the datalink track and the datalink track turns solid this solid red/green symbol overrides the normal TWS Track and System Target symbols and will not appear any differently currently you must remember which solid red/green datalink track are Track Targets, and which you have promoted to System Targets if you can't remember, the radar cursor will magnetize to a System Target and not a Track Target TMS up on individual Track Targets to promote to System Targets or TMS right with no System Targets to promote all Track Targets to System Targets if you have System Targets and no Bugged Target, TMS Right will select the closest System Target as the Bugged Target, or TMS Up on a System Target to set that one as the Bugged Target if you currently have a Bugged Target, TMS Right will cycle to the next System Target, only if you have any other System Targets if you only pressed TMS Up on one Track Target, then you do not have any other System Targets to cycle through
  13. I don't use Streamdeck but from what I can find, Saved Games\DCS\Scripts should have a DCS-ExportScript folder inside DCS-ExportScript there should be ExportsModules folder inside ExportsModules there should be a F-16C_50.lua replace this file with Tess's F-16C_50.lua and that should be all you need to do to not crash
  14. Something is moving your plane after the canopy closed, like really strong gusts of wind. I think that's affecting the alignment.
  15. This seems to be new to 2.7 since I never noticed problems rearming previously. one example of reproduction steps F-16 set to take off from parking hot, default empty loadout rearm to put 120C on stations 1,3,7,9 AIM9X on stations 2,8 enter and leave dogfight mode after rearm completes rearm to put 120C on all stations 1,2,3,7,8,9 after rearm completes, enter dogfight mode and DCS hangs I noticed DCS only hangs if there are 120C on stations on the inboard side of AIM9 stations for example, the game does not hang if stations 3,7 were untouched during the steps above and the game will hang if 9X was put on 1,9; 120C was put on 2,8; leaving 3,7 empty and then rearm to swap both 9X to 120C I'm not sure how to get a trackfile since DCS only hangs and does not crash, and must be killed from task manager.
  16. The oval on the HMD implies they are using ACM Bore with the helmet sight. As far as I know, the radar transmit conditions in ACM is still incomplete/inaccurate. I've heard that holding TMS up is suppose to have the radar follow the HMD but not transmit, and then releasing TMS up will turn on the radar to lock whatever's in the radar beam. and entering ACM mode is suppose to place the radar in a no transmit state until a search mode is picked using the TMS. Both of these are currently not implemented. As a workaround for now, I remember doing either holding or repeatedly mashing TMS up so the radar slews to where you are looking without getting distracted on the way there. Slewing doesn't take too long, once you're reasonably certain the radar is looking at the same spot, release/stop mashing TMS up so the radar locks the target.
  17. Uncage is not a must. Move the seeker diamond over the target for a good tone and press weapon release is enough. Uncage helps if you aren't looking perfectly at the target or aren't tracking the target perfectly with your HMD. More reliable because the tone means the missile sees a thing that it can track, it does not guarantee this thing is the target that you want. Flares near the target is one possibility that comes to mind. I don't remember if you can get a 9M tone looking at the sun.
  18. symbols for datalink tracks override the usual symbols in TWS I've not seen any Unknown or Suspect datalink tracks so this is for Hostile tracks only hollow icons are datalink tracks that your radar does not see white dot shows up for radar returns that do not have a track file yet the hollow icon becomes filled in when TWS builds a Track target and the Track target matches a datalink track with datalink tracks visible on the FCR, System target does not have any visible difference than a Track target. Only difference is the radar cursor will magnetize and stick to a System target. So you have to remember yourself. The bugged target has a circle draw over it so that is easy to see.
  19. How steady is your plane when you release the missile? I noticed an uncaged seeker can't keep up with the target if I roll my plane too quickly, especially if the offbore angle is high. I've seen some of my high offbore shots go ballistic off the rail if I was rolling when I launched even if I had a good tone the moment I pressed release.
  20. ice41

    F16 FCR

    detection ranges are a lot better for targets flying directly at you compared to targets flying away from you 15nm for a target flying directly away does not seem too unusual. whether this range is accurate to real life, I'm not qualified to say.
  21. the current F16 INS in DCS will start alignment with SALT set to the barometric altimeter value, and SALT can be changed by the barometric pressure knob on the altimeter during alignment. I noticed that when an alignment completes and the knob is turned from ALIGN to NAV, the SALT will magically be synced to the actual altitude reported in the external view info bar regardless of the value used for alignment. The odd SALT value in the screenshot is most likely an effect of the inproper alignment procedure. wptmd7675 I took a look at your original trackfile. I did not see you confirming the LAT LNG and SALT values during the NORM alignment. You must use dobber up/down and ENTR to confirm each value at the beginning of a NORM alignment. see 2:15 in the norm align tutorial by Wags. Though unless you are doing a new alignment after shutdown, there's really no reason to use ALIGN NORM and should just go with the ALIGN STOR HDG
  22. ED's Viper manual page 188 says "It is a three-position switch that overrides any mode except emergency jettison." in reference to the dogfight/missile override switch. If selective jettison is considered to be a master mode, then the current implemented behaviour is intentional.
  23. Did you verify your coordinates? After a full shutdown at a different airport, my stored heading alignment has my original spawn point's coordinates and heading.
  24. Do you do the full 8 minute INS alignment and enter in the correct GPS coordinates after you repair?
  25. I've ran into this once before and thought it was bad luck. Just messed around to find why it happens. This only happens in A3 or A1. Bars and TWS/RWS doesn't seem to matter. When the scan is about to bounce off the right side azimuth line, slew the cursor to the left to drag the azimuth limit. Time the slew correctly and the radar gets stuck. When it gets stuck, a quick slew to the right can fix it. The radar seem to only get stuck on the right side. If I attempt the same thing on the left side, I can see the bars looping as I slew to the right but it never gets stuck when I stop slewing. My track also attached. radar_stuck.trk
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