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  1. You're 3 campaigns are hands down the best I've played so far. Fingers crossed theres more to come. My Hornet will be there fueled up, armed and ready
  2. Yes I'm running OB V. The Mig spawned and immediately turned to base. I've added the Tacview file for reference Tacview-20210919-105058-DCS.zip.acmi
  3. Any idea when the patch will be out? I played the mission today, and while I managed to take the mig out (by cheating with tacview live telemetry and chasing it supersonic for 80nm) I'd like to replay it as it is intended.
  4. I usually can max out my 80Mbit connection no problem with DCS updates. However Steam is a different story. More often than not when I download something on steam it won't even use 10% of my connection. Unless I switch on a VPN. If I fire up my NordVPN tunnel (same country) it also maxes out my connection. Maybe worth a try.
  5. Well mapping everything realistically on my T16000M and TWCS is not even a fever dream so I keep it consistent between Modules. I'd do that anyway even if I had more buttons at my disposal because memorizing and stuff. Same goes with the english cockpit. I neither speak russian or swedish nor can I read it. So unless the cockpit is nativley in english or german I'm going to switch it.
  6. I had the same yesterday. Cold start as per known procedure and Petrovich ordered to warm the weapons. No dice. Hot start and the bombs drop all day. I used the RBK250 preset. Have yet to test with others. I'll provide trackfiles as soon as I have time for it.
  7. It is really easy to get into rbs in this thing. Happened to me multiple times. I usually start rolling in at 250kph and end up at 350 before I realize it because I'm focused on the target. You'll start noticing the signs eventually and if you're quick it's not too hard to recover. But if you don't notice before you rolled past 30° you're almost certainly gone. And yes, it does happen rather suddenly in the Hind. At least in this sim, but iirc that is rather accurate.
  8. Hi, I only found this app today and it looks awesome so far. But how exactly do I do this? With scheduled tasks? And is there a way to start it in the system tray, without a symbol on the taskbar?
  9. Could this be a bug? Wags turns it on in his Cold Start video
  10. It's the same for me with my TWCS Throttle. Doesn't work either. I have also found that the clickable gear leaver can't retract the gear. I guess there are still a few bugs in the controls.
  11. I mean I don't necessarily expect to have a first version of the full manual with the beginning of EA. But considering how long EA usually lasts, I hope that we'll get a WIP version of it within the next few weeks/months. Does anyone remember how long it took for the Hornet or any other module?
  12. I'm not concerned about Petrovichs abilities. It's long been said that they will be limited initially and extend over time. That's fine with me. I just think even limited functionallity should get a video explaning it to get us of the ground with the AI. In term's of controls, I don't remember where or who it was but someone from ED said Petrovich will be controlled by a 4 hat switch and a combination of short and long presses. So definitley more than 4 functions. Would assume it's also contextual as it would simply make sense. And if he's Bignewys new best friend already, bring him to us
  13. I agree. I think even for the limited functionality he'll initially have a video specifically for the ai is more a must than a nice to have. It'll most likely be a huge part of the SP experience after all. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. It's been quite some time since I've heard any updates on this map. And since this is the map I'm looking forward to most, I'd like to know if there are any new updates. Especially in terms of release date. The last I news I heard anout it were 2020 with a release in early access aimed for very late 2021, and I'm wondering if this is still the plan today.
  15. Depend's on what is added to it. But most likely yes
  16. What I'm interested in especially is an explenation why the departure from reality is taking place and how this will affect future developement in general.
  17. I hope to be proven wrong but I have a feeling it won't be explained at all. Considering how the communication about this has gone so far in terms of explaining
  18. What I don't get is, when this is a fact, then what is the big deal to share details about the specific model this is based on. Well I guess we can only hope that ED bites the bullet and delivers on What I expect is the specific model this is based on and / or official documents stating that these systems where implemented in this experimental version. Especially the third pylons. I don't mind an experimental helicopter. I wouldn't mind a Comanche module. As a matter of fact, I'd probably buy it. But I want it to be a real helicopter that simulates it's actual flight characteristics. I'm not a die hard sim fanatic that minds the wrong shade of red in a warning light. I'm aware that there are inacuracies in the modules and I don't mind that. As long as it is withing reason. And adding pylons to an aircraft that didn't have them is for now the breaking point for me. I like the KA50 and I want to fly the KA50. Not some developer fantasy based on the KA50.
  19. Respectfully Sir, what exactly is off topic in this thread? I would imagine you are referring to the frag damage bits? It would still be nice to get an official statement as to why ED chose to add things to the Blackshark that by all available evidence seem to never have been implemented irl. Especially the third pylon. Does ED have official documentation internally that show the KA50 is capable of three pylon wings etc.? If yes I think it would appease many people if you would share this with the community. In the past ED took pride in being realistic. And while there was use a degree of creative liberty in the past, this now is a degree which for many goes too far. So it is hard for me and others to understand why ED chose to go down this road. You can say "if you don't like our approach to BS3 don't buy it". But this would miss the point that up until now the community thought that ultimately ED and the community were pursing the same goal of being as realistic as possible. How are we now supposed to trust you are doing your best to stay realistic, which is the whole point of this simulator? And considering BS3 is the root cause of this question it seems fitting to post this here.
  20. That's something I'm wondering about. How much effort would it take to equip the KA50 with the three pylon wing. But even if it's easy I wouldn't want it unless it's an officially allowed loadout. I wouldn't even mind it as long it's possible like the three Mavericks on the viper. But not if it isn't even within specs. And from what I've seen so far, it is not like the viper.
  21. I was quite looking forward to BS3 and never doubted I'd buy it the second it is released. There are things like the MWS I'd have probably even looked past not being realistic. But as things stand I'll most likely not buy BS3. The claimed realism of this sim is what kept me here for the past year, and I will continue to fly what I have. But from now on I'm going to be much more sceptical when ED claims something is real the way it is modeled when in the past I ususally gave them the benefit of the doubt. I hope @BIGNEWY @NineLine @Wags and everyone else at ED realize it's their reputation that is at stake here. I don't know how much the average DCS players cares about realism. But I would imagine it's quite a lot. And I am VERY happy not to have preorderd BS3 (I know it was never up for preorder, but if it was I would regret it now). At the very least the claim to strive for as much realism as possible should never be stated by ED again.
  22. Oh, ok, yes it's SP against AI. I've never noticed this before with the Hornet. Is this new?
  23. Hi, I noticed a bug in the F18 TWS Radar mode. As soon as I fire a AIM120 with the enemy bugged, the Migs go defensive as soon as the missile is off the rails. I had this happen multiple times. I know this Bug exists in the F14, but it's news to me that the Hornet also has this. Here is the track file and the tacview file of such an incident.F18 TWS Bug.trk Tacview-20210514-162257-DCS-Temp.zip.acmi
  24. I tried the pagefile fix a few days ago and since, the amount of crashes has massivley reduced. It crashed for me reliably on second mission start. Now most of the time I can restart multiple times before it crashes again. However, what I'm curious about, does "remove all unofficial mods" include Tacview and Vaicom Pro? I use both and I bet most people at least use Tacview. Also SRS is very popular. Do the testers test with any of those add-ons installed?
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