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    DCS 2.7

    I wonder if multithreading could free up ressources for a proper ground AI. With all the complicated calculations for the flight models I could understand if a proper AI falls victim to this in order to keep the framerates up. But I - and I would guess most of us - have many more cores to spare for a proper AI.
  2. Isn't med PRF meant to give you more precise distance information in close range? I thought high PRF covers more distance and medium is more accurate but doesn't reach as far.
  3. Thank you, that makes sense Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you. I played around a little with these settings yesterday as BIGNEWY suggested similar things. I think it only broke a lock once yesterday and that was within a fight with me and the targets manouvering. At the moment I tend to think it was me not knowing what I was doing. I have a question about the AZ/Elev page. This page shows the targets hight relative to the line of sight of the radar cone, correct? So if a target lost 1000 foot of altitude at 30nm distance it wouldn't fall as much on this page as a target that loses 1000 foot at only 5nm?
  5. It's without a doubt my favourite module and so much fun to fly. I haven't regreted buying it for a second and have had hundreds of hours of fun with it already and many more to come. I'm looking forward to every single update and what new features it will bring. And wondering how long it will take to master them . It was a steep learning curve because essentially I started out on DCS with this module. But it was every single bit as rewarding. Keep up the great work guys
  6. Ok, thanks, I'll test this later. But why did I detect them so much earlier in this track despite it being the same setup? Makes me assume that it is not just me operating the radar incorrectly.
  7. Here is the latest example. Two Mig 25 at angels 25 right in front of me. First Radar Contact at a little over 20nm. RWR lights up about 4 minutes in Radar Problem Hornet 2.trk Tacview-20210217-203454-DCS-Radar Problem Hornet 2.zip.acmi
  8. When I tested earlier today I found it virtually impossible to keep a soft lock in RWS with aim 120 selected. And that well within firing range <35nm. Also I altered the mission I posted a little and switched it to two Mig 29. Same scenario flying straight towards each other at same hight. The first time they showed up on my radar (RWS) was at a little under 60nm. I had my radar set to max range of 160. Seems a little short for a first detection.
  9. Would it be useful for more trackfiles to be posted here? Even if it is just to prove a point especially since this thread is tagged as "cannot reproduce". At least for me this is not something that only happens in some once in a lifetime scenario. It happens in the simplest missions. This is not the exact miz file I've created the track I posted earlier with. But it's the same setting, same loadout, same planes and the same general area of the caucasus map and it happend in it again. Edit: I updated to todays version of open beta before testing this mission. F18 AA radarprobl
  10. How about Vietnam? We already have lots of the fighters of that era. And I'd love to fly the Huey in it's prime area.
  11. I had a blast playing the Serpents Head 1 and 2. The Serpents Head 1 is available for free here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3302729/ and If you don't have the Nevada map there is a version without it here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3302793/
  12. Here a short trackfile of a mission to show what happens in my case. Set up two Mig25 on easy at angels 25 starting 120 miles away from me. Brakes soft lock in RWS several times. One thing I noticed for the first time here, it only started braking the lock after I selected the AIM 120. But I'm very sure I had it happen without any weapon selected. I had it brake locks on allied tankers before. Tacview-20210216-181856-DCS.zip.acmi Radar Problem Hornet.trk
  13. The size of the target is why I think it's not a bug that they aren't tracked at 100+ miles. The problem is the target disappeared from my radar at missile range <30nm. I had an AIM120 flying towards it. But I'm not sure if the Hornet radar would track a MIG 23/25 at that range in any aspect. I do think it should but I don't know for sure
  14. I also have this problem both in TWS and RWS. I pick up contacts starting at about 80nm (radar set to 160). And it loses the contacts every couple of seconds just to find them again almost immediately. Sometimes contacts also disappear but I'm not sure if that's a bug or because they're manouvering. Although the last time that happend I am absolutely sure it was not a case of the bandit leaving the radar cone.
  15. I bought the module the other day and also have this problem. Is there a solution for it known yet?
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