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  1. I believe this has already been reported, but thanks.
  2. Yeah, I think they are limiting content updates to once a month in order to prioritise testing and core improvements. The updates we get in between are just hotfixes and bug fixes for game-breaking issues.
  3. Yes, I remember hearing about this auto hover as well. In addition, the Petrovich AI will be able to operate both the front and back seats, so I assume that means he will be able to do some basic flying for you (at least on full release, we will see what the state of the AI is on EA release).
  4. Well, as much as I would love to see Southern Israel and maybe even Egypt as well, we have to draw the line somewhere. An expansion like that would be massive and would require a lot more space on our HDDs and SSDs.
  5. @jmijnenThat is good to know, they will certainly be very fun to use then!
  6. @Speedy4GT Yeah, if you aren't familiar with the Russian gun pods, the GUV_1_GUN shown in the screenshot in the first post is a gun pod. It has 2x 7.62mm guns, with a single 12.7mm (basically 50 cal.) gun in the middle. The GUV_1_AP30 is a variant of this pod that launches 30mm grenades instead (correct me if I'm wrong, this is second hand knowledge). In fact, someone already posted this about 3 messages before yours, whoops : P
  7. Oh, where is the invite to the discord? Thanks in advance. Nevermind, I thought he had a separate discord from Razbam.
  8. Ok, thanks for the reply. Someone already recommended to me that I use the Group Stop Trigger, and it is working much better.
  9. I get this as well. I will attach my log. PC Specs: i7 2600 GTX 1070 16Gb DDR3 1tb SSD (with a pretty big pagefile) I have an ethernet connection with 220-240mbps download and 10-11mbps upload. dcs.log
  10. Lag still hasn't been fixed in 2.7, here is another log if it helps. dcs.log Ok, looks like there is another thread reporting the same issue here:
  11. OH, I didn't know you could edit those LUA's. Can you give me the file location? That's really cool.
  12. I wouldn't try running DCS as a whole with 8GB RAM
  13. @davidzillThe hornet can not use runway ILS, the ICLS is for carriers only.
  14. I know this is not really an important bug to fix, but just so it is reported so it doesn't leak into the stable branch I am going to report it.
  15. As requested, here is my log after intentionally letting around 1000 servers load so that the screen freezes. dcs.log
  16. Sorry, I think I tried doing this a very long time ago but it changed all of the units in the group, and I have never tried it since because I never remembered to check if it changed in the changelog. I'm going to delete this thread then, thanks for the help. *Nevermind, I don't think I can delete this.
  17. The mission requires the convoy to stop at certain waypoints (using the hold waypoint command) for 5 minutes. This means that, after the five minutes, the AI have the same problem where they pile up on the side of the road. This time, though, they stopped at a waypoint that is in the middle of a city so they can't pathfind a way to sort the spacing out. No matter how much I speed up time, the ground units won't budge. I hope this can get fixed, because it's making a simple convoy escort mission a lot more difficult than I initially intended. On a related note, does anyone know if using the trigger "AI off" and "AI on" will stop and start the units? I'm trying to come up with workarounds.
  18. Nevermind, the problem persists. I tried the mission again and the same thing happened. I sped up time and eventually the AI figured it out, but it took a while. I think a temporary fix could be making ground units spawn with the correct spacing in between each unit.
  19. Ok, I have narrowed down the bug it seems. I set all of the units to the same skill and now they aren't bunching up. Weirdly, the last unit in the convoy doesn't seem to be moving but I think that is because the other units are still figuring out their spacing.
  20. Another bug I just found while trying to troubleshoot: after loading up a mission in the ME, the ground vehicles have the DEFAULT livery selected even when they have custom liveries loaded onto the model.
  21. Hello - I had a convoy of assorted vehicles (an armoured vehicle then two unarmoured vehicles in a repeating pattern) and I had them set to move forward on the road. The first couple units moved, but the rest piled up on the side of the road because one of the units wouldn't move forward. I had the ROE set to Return Fire and the skill range of each unit ranged from Average to High. I will attach the trk file. AI Pathfinding Bug.trk *Quick clarification that might be useful, I had them set to hold at their starting position until flag 2 was true (which was caused by a radio transmission I made through the f10 radio menu).
  22. Having the ability to make a group that contains vehicles from different categories would be extremely useful. For example, if I had a convoy of unarmoured trucks I could give them AA and tank escorts in the same group. That way they could communicate with each other and would follow a route determined in the ME at the same speed and the same spacing.
  23. I was able to use my LSS for another Harrier's laser, so it doesn't seem to be broken.
  24. huh, that's weird. I might try this as well then.
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