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  1. My totally completely unbiased opinion: remove "Mirage 2000C" and this statement will still be true!
  2. The IR SAM is able to get tone at much farther distances on the Hind without IR deflectors than the Hind without IR Deflectors. Specifically, the SAM loses tone on the IR deflector Hind at 1.7nm, but is able to keep tone on the IR Deflector-less Hind until 3nm
  3. @Aqil HuseynovWhen you open up your adjust controls menu in the gunner seat, make sure the controls are set to Mi-24 Gunner. It defaults to the pilot seat controls even if you are in the gunner seat for some reason.
  4. Well there is no need to be rude. Personally I like this idea. I believe you can already program in weight additions through triggers in the ME though if this is for a specific mission you're making. Scripts like CTLD also automatically add weight to your aircraft depending on what you pick up.
  5. That is for aircraft and weapons, but I think @TMorwas talking about specific systems as well. I don't think the anachronistic mode has an affect on systems other than having GPS or not.
  6. Tracks have always been completely broken unless your flight is <5mins. AFAIK it's an issue with how the tracks are recorded.
  7. Yes, thanks. I didn't realise when they reformatted the controls they removed the pilot's ability to use the "fire shturm" keybind
  8. Yes, we were flying multicrew. From my understanding both the pilot and copilot can fire missiles because that is how it worked before the last update. In any case, I also tried launching the ATGM by pressing and holding weapon release, but nothing happened. Oh thank you!!! I assumed it was weapon release, but I guess not. I'll go back to doing some hind multicrew then.
  9. Hi, my pilot and I were trying to launch ATGM's today and were having issues. All of the systems were running, flares were working so I don't think it was a desync issue. I will attach a short track where we took off in a hotstart, headed to a runway with some target vehicles, and attempted to launch ATGM's. We broke away after my pilot tried the weapon release and fire weapon keybinds. I really hope we were doing something wrong, but if not I hope this can be fixed in a hotfix soon. HindHind_Tryout-20210722-173840.trk
  10. Oh ok, but I would like a full official list so I don't have to scour the forums to see what was fixed. Thanks for the info though!
  11. Hello, Today's update introduced a bunch of new scenes (thank you!) and also some "bug fixes." Can we get a more specific list of what those fixes were so we know which reported bugs have been resolved? Thanks
  12. +1, I just hope they can do this in a way that doesn't tank performance/loading times.
  13. Actually, this would be pretty cool if they fleshed it out. The pilot could run in with illumination rockets to light up a target, and then could tell Petrovich to automatically target anything that is lit up
  14. C:/ProgramFiles/EagleDynamics/DCS(.openbeta)/mods/aircraft/Mi-24P/missions/Quick Start
  15. Yeah, they are working on this. I think it was a known issue posted somewhere. The Diss-15 Map will be able to zoom in on all maps everywhere by the time it is out of early access.
  16. Maybe someone can test it? Try telling Petrovich to lock up a target, then switch to rockets and then back to ATGMs to see if he is still pointing at the target. I'm 90% sure that shouldn't work, but there is a chance it isn't modelled completely yet.
  17. IIRC the 3D model is still being worked on, but nearing completion. As soon as they finish it, they will release the templates.
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