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  1. Hoggit is notorious for bad performance. They have a lot of scripts running, so there isn't much you can do. DCS uses as much RAM as it can get, so don't be worried about 98-99% RAM utilization.
  2. I believe this has been reported all ready
  3. That is weird, I will test it myself later and see if I get the same result.
  4. Are you sure you don't have unlimited ammo turned on?
  5. I had the EXACT same idea once, this would be amazing to see in DCS and would definitely improve multiplayer and could possibly bring some singleplayer DCS enjoyers over to MP. The role select screen could definitely use a makeover, and this would be perfect.
  6. That would be more of a flight model issue to bring up with the respective developers of those aircraft. The Viper FM is still very much in EA, so expect it to change a lot as it develops.
  7. Yeah, not sure why this was put into the wishlist. I guess in the meantime we will just have change the lua.
  8. Perhaps this could be expanded to SAR capabilities in general added to DCS without the need for scripts.
  9. You can switch between 3.3x and 10x magnification for the sight
  10. I would go out on a limb and say it is THE best map in DCS currently!
  11. In a Youtube comment Wags confirmed the low-resolution is a technical bug, not a feature. They are working on finding a way to fix this without tanking FPS.
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