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  1. I think the update drops on the 20th
  2. If you don’t like the way repairs are done then don’t do repairs, if you don’t like how the targeting pod is set up for use with Jester don’t use it. All I see is you sulking because someone might be playing their game in a way you don’t approve of. Get over yourself fella and grow up.
  3. Have a look to see if you have the “hear like in helmet” sound checked, maybe it’s filtering it out?
  4. British AH didn’t have a cage button, they were designed to be self levelling after a period of straight and level flight. I tried to find out more online but couldn’t find any publications about it. It was designed as the 6A/1519 artificial horizon, maybe someone else can have more luck than me.
  5. I have never seen that problem before, both engines start fine on my system. I’ll have a play around with it this weekend and see if I can get it to breath fire lol
  6. Why should it matter if the Spitfire has tracer in the 20mm cannon or not? The ammo techs can load tracer if they need to.
  7. It does indeed. I typically redefine the controls to the trim hat on my stick, then get it where I want when I’m in VR, save the angles and reset my trimmer controls, nice and easy.
  8. just do this, it’s the same process in all the DCS aircraft. Do it once save your angles and forget about it.
  9. I noticed that the P47 doesn’t seem to have received the new canopy reflections yet, they’re excellent in the F14, F16 and the P51. Is there any news on when or if they’ll be brought to the Thunderbolt?
  10. edit never mind I completely miss read what you wrote there
  11. I’ve been watching this thread for a while and I have to say it is getting utterly ridiculous in here, this is beyond rivet counting, it’s just madness. Some of the behaviour and attitudes displayed is appalling.
  12. This!! Yes please, I want it to sound like Seth Rogan laughing his arse off!!
  13. Q3ark

    Wing flex?

    Yeah it does have wing flex modelled, it looks really cool too, you can also see the wings flexing when you taxi, it’s much more pronounced if you taxi with them swept forward.
  14. I don’t know where everyone gets the idea that CRT screens were fuzzy and hard to see properly. They were as good as what signal you put in them, if you’re using an old VCR with poor quality tapes that’ve been recorded over countless times then you’re going to get a pasty rubbish picture. CRT’s were good, look at CRT computer screens from that era, as long as you didn’t let them burn in they were crisp and clear.
  15. Q3ark

    ADI cage

    Fair enough, I was misunderstanding what I was seeing there. I suppose if you never un age it, you’ll never need to cage it
  16. Q3ark

    ADI cage

    The ADI in the pilots cockpit cages as soon as you turn off electrical power. Try it, get the ground crew to connect you to ground power, un-cage the ADI then get them to disconnect the ground power, it’ll then cage itself
  17. I suppose it could be a checkbox in the mission editor, the same as with removing the weapon stations on the Huey.
  18. Q3ark

    ADI cage

    The ADI cages by itself once you shutdown, I noticed it after a flight yesterday, it spun down wobbled a bit then the caged flag came out.
  19. Thanks brother! That is helping, time to see if I can get some overtime at work to pay for it
  20. I was considering this, I’m currently using a warthog stick (F/A-18 add on) and throttle with the pendular rudder, it’s a perfectly fine setup, but I really want a decent F-14 stick and I’ve read that the Virpil one isn’t as good as the VKB one. I’m trying to justify the expense lol
  21. Does anyone here have the VKB F-14 stick? If so what is your opinion of it? How are the buttons? I’m thinking of going for it with the gunfighter mk3 base, but would like to hear your opinions as it’s quite expensive for a single aircraft.
  22. I’ve found three rotary light switches on the bottom of the power panel on the right, only one of them seems to do anything (turns on the backlight for some of the flight instruments), there’s two of the same kind of switch on the front right hand engine instrument panel, only one of those seems to do anything (turns on the backlight for the left wall switches) EDIT So I was doing my testing using the APU, not all the panel lights come on until you’re running off the main generators
  23. I'm also having this issue sine 2.7, i thought it was just the rocket selector switch but it's all guarded switches.
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