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  1. I completely disagree with you, speak for yourself but not the other DCS users. Eagle Dynamics are in this for the long run, they’re not going to release a half baked module and then sit and count their money. Software development is difficult, you can’t stick to strict release schedules all the time, if ever. If a developer always hits its deadlines with all the features in place, they’ve probably already finished their project before they announce the release date. The Hornet is in development, if you can’t stand the incremental nature of the early access model, then don’t
  2. Thanks guys, I’ll take a look at that thread, you’ve given me a bunch to think about
  3. I’ve been thinking about getting the Viggen but am concerned about the learning curve. She’s got a unique computer does that take much time to learn? Also does the cockpit come with English language labels?
  4. Cool thank you, I may have to get it.
  5. IS the Syria map available on the stable version of DCS yet? If not is there an estimate for when it will be out of open beta?
  6. I don’t believe I stated anywhere that what I described was the correct procedure, only that it is a procedure that currently allows people to test the function of the DLC.
  7. I’m no Tomcat pilot and I’ve never read the natops, I’m just stating how it seems to currently function in DCS. No sense in arguing about it with me pal.
  8. yeah dude the “Antiskid & Spoiler break” needs to be set to either “Both” or “Spoiler Bk” for for the DLC to operate.
  9. You need to have spoilers turned on, just advance the throttle very slightly to get them to retract then you can trigger the DLC
  10. Ohh damnn ok more waiting for me, thanks man.
  11. Has this dropped for the stable release or only open beta?
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